Need Advise for open sounding monitors

I currently live in a large condo where my stereo speakers purchased about 40 years ago serve me well with a full open sound. They are columns with a 15" voice of the theater woofer and an ESS air motion transformer. I will be down sizing soon and want to start looling for a replacement. Thoughout the years I have listen to some monitors when given the chance but never found anything satifying. Any suggestions where to look would be appreciated.
Look into Shelby+Kroll monitors and the matching sub. I have had mine for about 10 months and am amazed at how full, deep, and wide the soundstage is. Imaging is spot on and not to sound cliche but the S/K's do deliver the "you are there" sound in spades. I purchased them to replace a pair of Lowther Medallion II Horns. If you go to the S/K web site scroll down the home page and use the menu prompts at the bottom. Something is wrong with the top menu and you won't be able to navigate away from it.

Good Luck
I am using Focal 1007 Be monitors with a Cary SLI-80F1 in Triode mode. They replaced Thiel 3.6's / Conrad Johnson combination and I am very pleased with the results. The Focals are very open and detailed with plenty of bass. Sonus faber makes a great monitor as does Triangle each have a completely different sonic signiture. So it depends on what you are looking for.

But with any speaker it depends on what you are using for electronics and source components. As well as your budget and what you like.

Thank you for your replies. Currently I am using McIntosh 352 and 2200 pre-amp.
ESS is back with some nice sounding and affordable monitors. The LD-10S Uses the air motion transformers and 10" woofer with 8" rear mounted bass radiator. I had a set in here recently and was quite surprised how good they sound.
GoldenEar Aon 3 ($1K/pair retail). It employs a modern folded ribbon based on the Heil concept. Upper mids and treble are very clean yet relaxed with no edginess. Yet treble is very extended and like the old Heils, they're very fast. The built-in oval passive radiator helps get bigger yet tighter bass out of a relatively small package.
The Usher BE 718's are hard to beat at the price.
OHM Walsh speakers have a lot of monitor-like sonic attributes except they are full range floor standers with a small footprint that do not require separate stands. The omni-directional design is inherently open sounding. Cost is more than competitive with many top rated monitors. The main consideration for chosing a model is room size. The models from just over $1000 to over $6000 all tend to sound the same when properly matched to room size and acoustics.

Otherwise, the monitors that I have heard and like best are various Dynaudios and the Totem Mani 2. PSB synchrony is another monitor worth consideration.

ANy of these would match well to the Mac electronics in general, I would expect. I have heard the Totems specifically with large Mac SS amplification and they were very impressive.
Totem Mani-2. They will work well with your 350/wpc and give you the bass response you're used to. I don't think there's any way you can go from 15" woofers to a small monitor and be satisfied, but the Mani's will likely fill the bill for you. Make sure to buy some very solid stands.

I have a pair of Decware DM945 monitors (8" full range woofer, Ribon tweeter) that sound very transparent and have good bass in my 12x18 ft. room. They only have one capacitor for a crossover. Worth checking into...
I have a similar Mac set up that I had with B&W 803S for a few years. Decided to sell them. Didnt have a huge budget and by chance heard a pair of Nola Boxers that I thought were outstanding. Paid $1500. Added an REL sub and have no future plans to replace them. Fantastic value.
I want to thank everyone who took the time to reply. I appreciate your willingness to help. You have given me many options and now it is time for me to go to work and listen to your suggestions.

Thanks again.