Need advise for 7.1 system speakers

Hello All,

Im trying to set a new HT at home. I hv narrowed down on the Denon AVR 2310 CI or Onkyo 707 as the receiver, 105W and 100W respectively @ 0.08 % THD, 20 - 20kH.

Can u pls suggest what is the ideal speakers setup i shld go for? Viewing/Listening area is 12 x 28. Pls advise on what i shld get, if possible under $1200.

Thx and warm regds
For $1200, you're best bet is to stick with 5.1. Better speakers is better than more speakers. I would check out Paradigm. Unfortunately, your listening area is rather large for small speakers, but used Paradigm monitors or Atoms give great value for price and play a lot bigger than they are. You many want to go with a used Hsu Research sub to finish it off.
Audio Advisor is having a sale on NHT for 3 days. I thought NHT was out of business, but this may be old stock or maybe they geared up for temporary production. Be careful, they are priced per speaker, but appear to be a decent price. NHT made some pretty decent sounding speakers. I would go with Ncarv advice and get 5.1 setup. I have no connection to Audio Advisor or NHT.

Thx all. Just saw a demo in PSB today- Awesome speakers....
Ill mostly go with the 5.1 as ncarv suggested.

need to see the energy spkrs....