Need advise choosing speaker wire

I just purchased a pair of B&W 802D's. I use a Bryston 14bsst solid state amp and a deHavilland Ultraverve tube preamp. I have a Wadia 302 for my music source. I am in a huge quandry as to what speaker wires to buy...there are hundreds out there. I would like to bi-wire the B&W's. I guess I am looking for the cleanest, non-colored path to the speakers as I very much enjoy the Bryston-deHavilland combo. I really don't want to further "color" my signal with speaker wires as much as I can help it. Thanks for the help, Jim

all your answers are there!!
go to an electronics store or electric motor repair place and purchase 12 guage magnet wire. don't buy it here, as it is WAY overpriced. the stuff retails for about $4 per pound. strip the ends and put it in place. double it up for biwire. the enamel coating is fine for insulation, and you will be very pleasantly surprised at the results.
30 day warrantee and excellent performance to price ratio.
The Oval 9 from Analysis Plus are very good and not that expensive used.Also another favorite of mine is the Kimber 8TC or better yet combined with 4TC in biwire mode.
Agree with the Oval 9 and Kimber 8TC recommendations.
Both best bang for the buck wires.
Pure Note Paragon. Up there with the best and they are very transparent in my system. You can buy them direct with a 30 day trial.
Acoustic Zen Satori biwire will do the trick. Far superior to Oval 9 or Kimber 8tc, both of which I have owned are very good budget cables, but budget cables nonetheless. You have good components that deserve better.

-xlo signature 5.2 is pretty good (cost $$$$)
-soundstring speaker cable ( $$ - not as well known, but very high performance at a low cost. has the best cost/performace ratio imo))
-Kubla sonsa ($$$$$$- pricey but amazing)either the r
-Straightwire crescendo ($$$, big/hugh sound. works well with your speaker/amp combo.

btw, dont forget your powercords...they have a profund effect when used together..

hope that helps,

My personal favorite for value are Goertz Alpha-Core speaker cables. I have found them to be neutral and detailed, and they offer a money back guarantee so you can try them without risk. :o)
The larger the copper wire the better. The suggestion for 12 ga magnet wire is excellent. You can use Romex 12/2 if you have it around. Insulation is not an issue, size of copper wire is and your only limit is the binding posts. Use 10/2 romex if it will fit.
Second the Alpha Core. I'm using the Goertz MI-2 Veracity copper speaker cables and they have been a great addition to my system.
If we are going to talk about gauge then the Oval 9's are well,a 9 gauge as the name suggests,also the Kimber 8 TC is a combined 8 gauge and let's not forget the PS Audio Statements at gauge six(6). All of the above choices are wallet friendly .

Are you talking about the "Romex" brand wire that runs thru many walls in many homes in the USA?
If you don't mind me asking; How did you discover this? And; Have you compaired the "romex" to any comercially made "speaker wire"? Thanks for any follow up info you can provide.