need advise

on audiogon is it better to sell my entire high end system or piece it out?

Thanks in advance
piece it out. if you try to sell literally are looking for the 1 guy who wants your entire system. i suspect more likely he will look for 'bulk discount' if he exists. In addition, you may find buyers are looking for 2-3 pieces...and then looking to sell on other bits...which again means discount.

If you sell each piece can optimize each sale for the [higher number of people] who are specifically looking for that one piece.
thank you, and is there someplace that gives you an idea of worth.

arye......vandersteen 5's................cables etc.
Yeah, almost always piece it out. Fee-bay is one place to track prices--look at both current listings, & "completed" listings.

And depending on your area, listing on CL can be a good idea. No fees, no shipping, ask for cash, etc.
actually, if you subscribe least you used to be able to get the average historical price of a unit at which it actually sold. i have never fully subscribed, so not sure.
Audiogon has a ,Bluebook service ,you have to pay for it.
Why don't you just end the suspense & tell us what you have?
okay ayre electronics, vandersteen 5's, shinyata, appropriate cables,
Looks like a nice system, why not try both sales approaches simultaneously, at least until someone buys an individual component?
Bluebook prices are generally highly inaccurate. While the Audiogon feed of auction data may be more accurate the reported numbers, it is still best to look at completed e-Bay data. If Bluebook/Audiogon wanted to improve their coverage they would track and include e-Bay data, and not charge for viewing. In the end, 'market' is the best way to go.
Piece it out and sell it on Sound Offers or U.S. Audiomart where you won't be robbed of extra fees when sold. And, you'll be able to communicate with the buyer before you sell.
thanks for the advise