need advice with power cable

I have been changing my Straightwire Symphony cables to Morrow audio cables, just got the Morrow MAP3 power cable for my receiver (Arcam avr400).
My question is, I have a Panamax M5100 conditioner should I plug in the power cord from receiver to the Panamax or the wall? Seems some prefer not to use conditioners.
BTW the Morrow cables made a huge and awesome differences in my sound.
thanks for any input
I think you should try it both ways and make your own decision. Run it pluged into the cond. for a week and then without and see which one you like the best.
Agree with Zman and if you can't hear a difference I'd go with keeping it plugged in to the Panamax for some protection from a surge or brownout.

You have to learn to trust your ears. Don't argue with me. :-)
You have the cables, you have the ears.
i read some advice here that stated put your best cord on your pre amp. some more advice said put your best power cord on your source. then some more advice said put your best cord on the power conditioner as it is first in line. i put a morrow map 3 on my preamp and it was remarkable. then i put it on my conditioner [panamax 5300] a month later and that too had an effect that was very nice. this tells me i need morrow map3's [or maybe map 2's for lower current pieces]on all my components. just trying to use logic....
When I bought a Pangea AC9SE (replacing an AC9) I decided to stick in on my conditioner to break it in, not expecting aany improvement, I was pleasantly suprised taht on the Furman REF20i conditioner the Pangea AC9SE made a significant improvement.
So I left it tere and bought another for the amp.
After fooling around checcking how they SOUND in different locations, I realized the new Pangea sounded best on the condiitioner, and my preamp.
the only way anyone can find out WHERE to put a cable is the LISTEN to the system with in in different places and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.
Asking others is a waste of time. (though as a place to start it may be of use)
The concensus is pretty clear from all of you "LISTENING" and thats what I will do, I'll try from amp to conditioner and get more cables if needed to experiment.
I want to thank all of you for your valuable input.
Plugging it to the conditioner makes the break in faster,
thank you so much I had not thought about that.