need advice with my amps

hi, i have a theta dreadaught 5x200 and a proceed amp5. i have 2 systems in one room. my HT speakers are m&k s-5000's and ss-150thx tripole. my 2 ch towers are merlin vsm.

im looking for some advice and feedback from other users of these amps. my room is under construction right now so i havent been able to a/b the amps with my new set up.

the question i have is should i sell one amp and use the other for HT then get a dedicated 2 ch amp for the merlins?

i could also, use only one amp and just switch the wires when i want to go from HT to a 2 ch listening session. this i dont like because you have to wait days for the cables to settle back in.

if my amps are 5-6K new for a 5 channel, wont a dedicated 2 ch amp at 5-6k new be better for the merlins. i figure if i sell at used market value i can pick up a used 2 ch for the same money.

any thoughts? thanks
Yes sell one of multichannel amps and buy a dedicated 2 channel. I haven't been following what Bobby at Merlin likes with his speakers right now. In the past he liked Berning and Ars Sonum both are tube amps.
I would definitely keep the Theta for your 2 channe setupl. It's one of the best solid state amps made. Very underrated product. Also, you can use 4 of the channels and do a vertical biamp. When I was looking for an amp to drive my Vandersteen 2ce sig, I narrowed my choices to either the Theta or 2 Ayre V5's and listened to both at length. I did end up going with the 2 Ayre amps but I would have been happy with the Theta as well. It wasn't that far behind. I say don't get rid of it; you'll be sorry if you do.