Need advice.....Used Aragon Soundstage or EAD.....

EAD Ovation Plus. I am down to these two pieces and can't decide if the EAD is worth the extra money. Any help would be appreciated.

Have never heard either of these pieces, but judging from the build quality of an Aragon pre that I tried, compared with EAD, I'd take the EAD any day without even listening. Their products are so beautifully built.
Hello Craig - I've posted before as a very satisfied user of the Aragon Soundstage. Aside from it's rather utilitarian looks, the unit has performed flawlessly, and offers many options, incl. 6 balanced outputs and fully upgradeable. I've seen a couple prices here lately that I wouldn't hesitate to snatch one up. If you want more info, drop me a line. Regards .... Tom
I don't have any experience with EAD products, but do own a few Aragon pieces and they are incredibly well built. I chose the Soundstage for its excellent stereo performance but was equally impressed with its HT capabilities. It's a steal at around $1500 in mint condition. The other bonus in purchasing the Soundstage is that you can take advantage of coming factory upgrades or they will allow a trade-in value of $2500 towards their new Stage One pre/pro.
I have a soundstage, love it. Easy to use, driving a Mac 7270 thru RCA outs for left channel, Mac 7300 thru 25' XLR for Right chan. Driving a second system by XLR surround outs to BelCAnto Pre1. Lots of inputs (currently have FM, DV88, DAT, Perp Tech fm Cary 303). Manual totally sucks, but Adam (hope he doesn't quit)is excellent on phone. Currently have to turn unit off/on to change inputs. Sound is phenomenal. Direct out to SVS Sub makes HT (stereo only) great. I would recommend highly. I tried out Meridiean, B&K among others. Had old Mac 30.