Need Advice Spendor S3/5 or ProAc Tablette 2000

Hi all,
I need some advice, I have a good offer for Spendor S 3/5 and also ProAc Tablette 2000, in the same price, I have auditioned them, and confusing which one to take home, both have their own plus and minus. Will use this speaker for mixing at my bedroom system (Lynx Two A -> TC Electronic Level Pilot -> Rotel RB-1080). So any recomendation?

Any Reply Will Be Very Appreciated.

Thank You.

You have auditioned them,you know what you heard.You are the only one that can/should decide on what you should buy.Notice all the you's in those sentences?
Neither of these make a good mixing choice. Look into some of the pro audio units made for this purpose. Yamaha makes the classic unit which is very reasonable in price with the right discount.