Need Advice:Richard Gray and Power Cords

Is it overkill to replace the power cord on the Richard Gray 400S? Will there be any tangible improvement? If so, what reasonably priced power cord do you recommend?
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i'd get rid of the richard grey & buy a decent set of power cords. lots of 'em out there. review the threads & take your pick.
I don't have a Richard Grey Power Company 400S. So, I can't advise on the benefits of replacing the stock power cord. But, I would suggest that you try a few power cords and hear for yourself. Several manufacturers offer a 30-day money back garauntee. You can also try the lending library at The Cable Company; they do charge a non-refundable deposit - which can be applied toward a purchase.
I have a Richard Grey power co. & it made a siginicent improvement for my system. As to the effects of power cables I aggre with Gallaine, all of these issues are system dependent and very subjective. I auditioned several power cords with my Power CO. & ended up with a Straight Wire, the same may not work for you. Just experement until you find something that YOU like.
I still own a RGPC 400 Pro to this day. Stock PC sounds/looks fine to me.
I have seen where a Black Sands Cable (PC) is a good substitution.