Need advice re: Tube dampers

I need an advice on Which tube dampers to use on a quartet of 6GK5 tubes in my CJ Premier Ten preamp.I just bought EAT Cool Dampers (red aluminum heatsinks)but turns out they're too big for my tubes.I currently have what looks like mid 90s fat black sorbothane? rings,one per tube sitting just below the top of the tube.Would i benefit if i use 2 thinner rings per tube (one at the top,the other one at the bottom),a kind that ARC sells for $2=95 apiece?What other options are out there?I saw those Creatura rings but read that they tend to thin out the sound which is a no-no in my case.Any advice would be appreciated.
Second the Herbies. Worked wonders on my tube phono stage.
2nd Herbies...
When I tried Herbies on my quad of preamp tubes at mid tube, they dampened the sound so much that I took them off immediately and never tried them again. Given they are so well rated - where are you placing them to get the best sound - at bottom of tube, at top or mid tube?
For the Herbies, I found the nickel wire to work better than the nylon ones. I agree with Joe that the nylons can actually dull the sound a bit (since the circuits aren't designed with dampeners in mind). The nickels seem to be a good compromise and work great, at least on my amps.

Call CJ, they gave me mine.
Like everything in my experience, I have found that I cannot stand Herbies on some tubes and love them on others. The same goes with TopHats. If the tube is vertical, they are great on miniature tubes.