Need Advice re: Dynavector 507II on CA Max Sol

Hello All-

I wrote a similar message earlier today but never made it to the forum for some reason so I'm reposting my message. Apologies in advance if my original message gets posted/duplicated.

Haven't posted in a while but recently acquired a Dynavector DV 507II to be mounted as a second arm on my Clearaudio Maximum Solution table. I have a blank Clearaudio acrylic armboard for the Solution series tables and just assumed that this would accommodate the 507 arm.

After drilling the holes, mounting the arm, and installing the cartridge/headshell, only then did I realize that the arm is mounted too high. At the lowest possible setting, the stylus remains suspended about 1/4" from the platter upon lowering of the secondary arm. I thought about having the armboard machined to accommodate a recess-mounted base (similar to the Graham armboard for this rable) but since the armboard is only about 3/4" thick, I didn't think it was a good solution.

Does anyone have a similar setup? If so, what type of armboard did you use and where can I get one? Does anyone happen to have a spare armboard and willing to sell? Lastly, can anyone offer any suggestions?

I started on this project early this morning with hopes of having everything setup and aligned by noon -- wasn't meant to be. Hopefully some of the experienced folks can chime in.

Best regards.
You can at least hear what the new arm sounds like by putting several mats on
the TT and/or adding spacers between the cart and the headshell. Dave