Need advice picking a preamp.

So, I have been looking to add a preamp to my setup, right now I am running Bel Canto Dac3, ran directly into (2) Bel Canto Ref1000s. I am wanting to add a preamp that has a good built in phono stage. So far I have been looking at a few different tube preamps from Mcintosh.
Then the Modwright SWLP.

A bonus for the Mcintosh preamps is that they have good headphone amps.
The C220 only has a MM phono, but is almost half the price here on agon.
The C2300 has many more options, but I am not sure if its worth the extra money.
One other plus the Mcintosh preamps have over the swlp is the balanced inputs/outputs.
One negative of the of the SWLP is it rarely comes up for sale on agon. Although I have heard it is great.

Also one other thing is that all the Bel Canto gear will be replaced over the next year, possibly based on which preamp I choose.

So anyone have any experience with these preamps? Also any other suggestions with built in phono stages within the price ranges of the listed preamps.
A CJ PV10 is an outstanding preamp with MM stage.
you won't be sorry with any of those choices. I don't have one and can't say I have heard one, but the Modwright fans are VERY adament about it's excellence. I have a wonderful Cary Audio SLP98p F1 version with a ton of manufacturer installed upgrades including a great phono section for low output MC cartridges, add that to your list too.

Also, what about ARC? Great preamps.
Thanks for the responses so far. I also forgot to mention I am interested more in tube preamps.
I am very please with the BAT VK3ix. well build and upgradeable.An EXCELLENT preamp
i have reviewed the mac c220. you can read the review on use the search box. the review appeared during 2007.
Don't get an active preamp. Buy a PRO-Ject Tube box 11 SE for $699. It is both moving magnet and moving coil and will go up against those listed. Get a Creek 22 passive preamp, it competes with active preamps costing 5 or 10 times as much. Its about $500. You already know that you can use your CD player direct, the Creek will give you remote volume control. You will not believe the extra detail you can hear without the active stage and I have not found any loss of dynamics that some have deported. Just a suggestion.
You have lots of options, are you dead set on a 1 box unit? Both of the Mac's you've listed are very nice, haven't heard the modwright. The Mac's will give you a more linear, cool for tubes, presentation especially the 2300. If that's what your after the 2300 is hard to beat IMO. Stevecham had an interesting suggestion with the PV10 which is excellent for the $$ especially if your interested in a warmer, more liquid midrange type presentation, but not the last word in detail. Your speakers come into play here. You could even get the PV 10AL or whatever model is line stage only and get an outboard phono stage for the same money or less than the Mac's.

It really depends on your listening preference, I have always been a fan of outboard phono stages.
Would especially recommend the PV-11 by Conrad-Johnson it is the one piece of equipment I sold and wish I hadn't. It can be with or without a phono section. Great product they rarely come up though