Need advice/opinion in choosing Vandy 2ci or Thiel 1.5

I'm setting up an audio system for my son and run into cheap pair of Vandy 2CI and Thiel CS1.5 all in good shape.
I'm leaning toward Thiel CS 1.5 since I've owned a few pairs in the past. 
Electronics are tube integrated, modest vinyl system, streaming DAC. Small room 10x12 with window


I've never heard either one, but I'd think with both of these, their Vifa drivers must be pretty darned old by now so you might want to just check condition of the surrounds and cones.
I have to agree with @Holmz re: the Vandersteens 2’s unfussy compatibility with various amps. One of the most accommodating speakers I know of in that regard. Though I do have a particular fondness for PSE, McCormack and Audio Research with them.
I've been around the block a time or 3. The only reason I remember specific components and model numbers I've heard as far back as 49 years is because they impressed. I heard a pair of Vandersteen 2Ci about 20 years ago, now, and they impressed. Haven't heard those particular Thiel. So, can't weigh in on this one. However, someone said it doesn't matter what you like. It matters what your son will like. If possible, both of you should listen to both choices at his place, if possible, and, by all means, tell him what a lucky kid he is to have a dad like you and teach him the proper care, handling & maintenance of vinyl and TT's.
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