Need advice on what is a good A/C enhancer.

Lowther Speakers, EAR integrated amp, Cary 301 cd player.
The better ones issolate the digital from analog. Look at Chang Lightspeed, Tice, Vansevers, Audio Power.
I highly recommend the Custom Power Cord Top Gun Power Block (T.A.S. Golden Ear Award winner...twice!) David Blair is a fanatic about build quality and his items are very reasonably priced. Call him at 847-329-8975. Happy Tunes!
I have been very happy with EQUI=TECH.
Audio Magic Stealth was much better than my Hydra.
I recently installed an Equi=Tech 1.5R in my system. I cannot remember when if ever I have installed a piece of equipment which made such an immediate & positive improvement.Good digital gear especilly likes the balanced power this power conditioner produces. It replaced a Chang Lightspeed 6400 20amp. If a local dealer is not available you can purchase factory direct. Larry W.
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What's the difference between the above reccomended products and the PS Audio 300?

The PS actually takes power from the wall, filters it and then regenerates it into a ( supposedly ) pure & clean sine wave. All of the others filter ( in various ways ) what is already given to you from the wall. As far as i know, this also includes the Equi-Tech, but i could be wrong. Sean
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Of course, you can't run a big amp through a p300. That's a plus for the others. Good for preamp, tuner cd d/a etc...but it consumes a lot of power, because unlike the others, it's an amp. Instead of generating DC, like your audio amp, it generates AC at a perfect sinewave. Like any other amp, it consumes more power than it generates. More heat in summer!
The Equi=Tech balances the power. Instead of having a 120v hot & a neutral, the Equi=Tech runs the hot at a plus 60volts & the neutral is a minus 60volts which significantly lowers the noise floor.In a good system the improvemnt is not subtle.Additional information can be found on the Equi=Tech website. P.S. Audio also uses balanced power but their units are not as efficent & you need to spend a lot more if you want coverage for anything besides the front end of your system. Larry
You may want to try APC Line-R conditioners. On eBay you could buy 10 of them for the price of one of the above and separate each component from the rest. I use four. One for my Amp, one for the Sub, one for the CDP and TV, and one for the rest. I have only noticed positive results. They do not limit current and as far as I can tell they are the only line conditioners that compensate for brownouts as well as prevent surges. APC has been making power equipment for a lot longer than most of the above listed and their gear works just as well for audio gear as it does for anything else. leo.
Running balanced simply means that anything that is not commonly found on both phases is not reproduced and that both phases of the waveform will remain symmetrical. This does not guarantee removal of all noise since the noise could be found in the same time domain on both phases. As such, the balancing circuit would see it as being part of the original signal and NOT cancel it out. Balancing networks also do not guarantee that power being produced is a linear sine wave i.e. lacking distortion or reaching a clean peak of maximum amplitude. There is nothing short of regenerating the power coming out of the wall that will give you a PURE sine wave of clean power. To do this is not cheap, as we've all found out. This is NOT to say that the Equi-Tech or similar products are not well thought out products or are useless. They are simply a different approach that do not cover all of the bases as thoroughly. Sean
I would like to emphasize the importance of Seans excellent description. My neigborhood has the first residential underground power distribution system dating from 1922. While the local utility has been piecemeal upgrading it, my power could be used as a textbook for anything and everything that could be wrong with AC. The PS Audio units are only ones that work for me. Taking a 'scope to your power source can help you decide what kind of power conditioner might help your system.