Need advice on Vandersteen VSMs

My new listening room / home theater room percludes me for hanging Vandersteen VSM's (as surround speakers)on the wall. Has anybody ever tried to put them on stands? Would that entail a huge sacrifice in sound quality? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
As a long-time owner of Vandersteen speakers, I obviously like their product line -- at least their primary floor-stander models. I am less impressed by the VSM's, however.
The VSM's are really intended for wall mounting, and their sonic characteristics were optimized with that in mind. If you are going to put speakers on floor stands, I'm inclined to suggest that you instead buy a pair of Model 1C's, or the VLR-1's. The Model 1's will not require a speaker stand (making them more stable), plus they offer better placement options. The VLR-1's can be stand-mounted much more easily (given their shape) than the VSM's.
Hi Audiophile35, Sound Anchor makes a stand for the VSM, this stand will allow the VSM to be close to a wall without having to use Vandersteen supplied wall brackets. Check Sound Anchor's website or drop them a e-mail, they are friendly folks to deal with and will answer any questions.
Senickols & Sdcampbell - Thanks sincerely for your suggestions. I'll decide on one of the routes you guys suggested.