need advice on the best outdoor speakers

i was thinking of the paradigm outdoor speakers. i have never heard them but i like the paradigm sound. i will powering them with 110 watts from a denon 3802. any good suggestions?
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Look at the Boston Acoustics Voyager. I have a pair of Voyager II's (I think thats the name) at my cabin, and I have been really impressed with them. I've had them for around 4-5 years now, in a pretty harsh environment, and they don't show any signs at all of wear.
One tip when looking at outdoor speakers, I wouldn't even bother considering low bass response. Low frequencies seem just about impossible to reproduce outdoors in an unenclosed environment, focus on the speakers ability to cover the rest of the range.
Niles Audio makes great outdoor speakers. The OS-25's have very good bass and retail for around 500.00 a pair. They also have less expensive models.
NEAR makes some pretty good outdoor drivers if I remember correctly.
As a side note, at my sister's house in Eldersburg MD her next door neighbor had an inground pool with outdoor speakers around the deck, what a pain in the ***. Having to hear HIS music (top 40 rock) blasting through her backyard all the time and easily heard within her house. invasion of privacy IMHO.
Just a thought.
our new house in way out the woods, but we may bother the animals from time to time. anyone tried the paradigm outdoor speakers?