Need advice on system

Hi, I'm seeking advice on equipment as I'm considering replacing my system with Dolby Digital equipment. I'm presently using Yamaha Dolby Prologic receiver (85 watt front, 25 watt rear), Polk Audio speakers (model main, center, rear), and Klipsch powered sub. My questions are: 1. Should I go for Yamaha Rx-995 or Sony DA50ES receiver? I heard some horror story about Sony's remote draining batteries. 2. Should I replace my speakers (not the sub)? If so which would you recommend for approx. $800-$1200 (include center and rears). I'm particularly interested in cherry finish. Also is it better off to purchase used speakers and get better ones with my budget? 3. Which DVD player should I buy (about $500), preferably the one that can play CD-R, as I have some copied CDs that I like. Thank you for your kind advises.
I gorgot to mention the model numbers of my Polk Audio speakers. They are, LS 70 main, CS 100 center. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Well P.K. if it were me I would start by going to a more musical receiver like a Marantz,I beleive SR-685 and see where that gets you.If your still not happy I would consider replacing the speaker system with somthing like the Energy Take-5 system with the 8 inch powered because it is a great system for those on a budget,Happy listening!