Need Advice on stand mounted speakers

I have recently sold a pair of Thiel 2.3, which I loved though thought they were a little too forward/bright. Am now considering replacing them with a pair of stand mounted speakers. My personal preference in music is that I tend to like more forward speakers with tight bass. Most important is that the speakers have to be unveiled. Am considering the Revel M20 and need some more suggestions. Looking in the $2000 to $2500 MSRP range. Any opinions out there folks??
Consider Tyler Acoustics Reference Monitors. Check the monitors in the speaker list on this site for a start. I purchased a pair 2 months ago and they're an amazing value. For example, 1 1/2" cabinets, drivers found in speakers 3 times the cost. You can make deals. The hard part for me was buying them site unheard, but I haven't looked back: I was blessed.
Check out the Proac 1sc. Very musical, clean sound.
Check out Sonus Faber. Very warm, detailed, and image like crazy.
Merlin TSM's would fit your bill.
Darn fond of my Silverline SR-17s (and my wife says they're "cute")

ae-2's are marvelous stand mounters. great imaging, mid's and high's and they go much lower than you might expect. unfortunately, you'll likely need to find a used pair. they don't makem' anymore. (bad choice, IMHO, by ae's new owners.)
Put B&W Nautilus 805 on your audition list.
I second the motion on the ProAc 1SCs, or maybe the Sonus Fabers.
Try Cello Elves or Jm Labs Mini Utopia.
Can't go wrong with the ProAc's.All of their models sound so musical.The tablettes are a great value.
The JM Reynaud Trente monitors are pretty cool, $2400, rave review in June 'Listener', Coincident has a new Partial Eclipse floorstander, 8x10x37", derived from the Super Eclipse, that seems very
The 805 are a great speaker,for less $ try the Coincident TRIUMPH SIG.I listened to both and they is no give a tie between them.Put the savings in a better source.
I also am a former thiel owner, who loved them, but found them bright at times.I now own a pair of dynaudio contour 1.3mkII and am very happy