Need advice on speakers only a few inches thick

I have a plasma display and would like to attached L/C/R speakers to the mount extenders for the left, right, and center speakers. The only problem is that if the speakers are greater than 4 or 5 inches deep, they will protrude in front of the tv's surface. At four or five inches, the speaker grill will be roughly even with the tv's surface, which is my goal. Most speakers out there are too thick for me to use. I've already acquired some Definitive Technology Mythos 2 and 3's for my bedroom, which is set up as described above, but now it's time to do the same in the living room. I'd like to experiment with different speakers in each room and wonder if anyone here has knowledge of similar speakers, not the Definitives, less than a grand a piece that would work for me?
Maybe look at Axiom? Their new on-wall speakers all appeared to be slightly less than 4 inches deep. They also had some stuff they call on-wall/in-wall, but those looked a bit "unusual". You could even try their factory outlet for a little extra savings. The only real issue might be with auditioning, but I think Axiom gives you 30 days to decide (I think you pay to ship back if you don't want them).
The Monitor Audio Radius series seems to fit the bill. Look at the Radius 180, 225, or 250. All of them are 4" deep, and well within the price range you indicate
Vienna Acoustics Shoenberg is a thinner speaker and have a damn good sound.
B&W has similar speakers for that application, but I forget the model. Also, Vienna Acoustics.
B&W FPM series (

Revel Concerta on-wall speakers (

BG Radia R-17i or R-18i (

Totem Tribe series (
I use the Gallo Nucleus ti with the Gallo MPS-150 sub. Very unobtrusive (wife insisted) and sound good.
Joseph Audio has an in-wall type speaker. Never heard it.
Many thanks everyone.