Need advice on preamp tubes

I get tube rush at 12 oclock from my new Rogue 99 preamp phono stage.The input tubes are Sovtek 12ax7. I need quieter tubes.Please suggest.Thanks!
I tried Sovtek LPS's and WXT pluses and found them noisey, but Sovtek LP's and the Chinese tubes from ARS were quiet and rich sounding. Golden Dragons were quiet but uninvolving. Isn't tube rolling fun?
How do you know you need quieter tubes? It might be that one tube becomes noisey and needs replacement; not likely that two tubes become noisey at the same time. Was this unit quiet to start? Do you hear the noise on soft passeges of music? Is this just through the phono section when you aren't playing anything? Tubes have ambient noise, just like a quiet room does. If you have a high gain tube section, like phono into tube line stage, you will hear the ambient tube noise if you turn the volume up when ther isn't a signal. This is normal. If you don't hear ambient tube noise while playing music, enjoy the music; save your money buy not buying tubes to solve a non-problem. Buy more music instead. Hope this helps. Bob