Need Advice on Preamp - Audio Note M3 vs Jadis JPL

I need some help on selection of preamp. I am using Wadia 301 CD connecting direct to Jadis DA8. It was great until I have a chance to borrow a Jadis JPL preamp and put in the system. Everythings become more detail with a bigger sound stage! As I do not have a chance to try out the Audio Note M3, I wonder if there is any experience out there that could give some comparison between M3 and JPL. Many thanks.
I'm afraid I don't have any comparative experience with these units; however, I do currently own an M5. My reaction when I began using it was how clean and neutral the unit was. There is much more air around the instrumentation. I don't know whether this Jadis is considered Warm (as some
other Jadis equip is), but I know the AudioNote is extremely neutral.

Should you decide on an AN let me know, I might be interested in selling my M5 as there is a potential I might have access to something I have been lusting over for some time.
Thanks Ekarg. Certainly will get in touch if AN is the final choice.
Ekarg, regarding your M5, whether it is better to use balance output than RCA? I know that M3 does not have balance input, is it the same with M5?