Need Advice on Power Protection/Clean Power

Hello All,

Not sure if I am posting in the correct section but here goes.

I need advice/suggestions on adding on equipment to give my rig protection from power issues.

I have 2 goals (as most do):

- Protect audio/video equipment from power issues
- Improve the performance of my equipment, mainly audio, if at all possible

Currently I have 10+ pieces of equipment connected to a couple of Monster Power Strips.

The equipment that I wanted to mainly protect and improve performance upon is:

- Integrated Amp
- Audio/Video Receiver
- Phono Pre-Amp
- TT
- TV
- Universal Blu-Ray Player (used strictly as a CD Transport, eventually will be replaced by a better transport)
- Subwoofer

Additional Equipment that I would like to protect but could potentially keep plugged into existing monster power strip:

- Blu-ray player (separate from the above mentioned one), this one is used to watch movies

Equipment that I could keep plugged into existing:

- Chrome Cast Stick
- Remote Hub Base Unit
- Firestick
- Wireless Speaker Module

My research so far has led me to all kinds of brands and solutions.

My budget is probably around $1500 max (not including power cords or other inter-connects).

Here are some options that I have thought about:

- PS Audio Detect Power Conditioner and  Power Port Classic AC Upgrade Receptacle
- AudioQuest AC Receptacles (or PS Audio) and Niagara 1200
- AC Receptacle (PS Audio or Audioquest) and Decware ZLC

Two units that I am curious about and seem like it could work in conjunction with the above mentioned equipment:

- ADD-Powr units (one of their more entry level offerings)
- Shunyata Venom Defender

My system is very entry level and I am wondering if any of these products are even worth it?

I would definitely like to provide better protection but If I can actually improve the sound, then I would very much be interested in that.

I am just wondering if my system would really reveal any improvements.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I've used a PS Audio Dectet for years. It's plugged into a PS Audio outlet, which has very good grip. I like the way the Dectet protects from power line anomalies like low or high voltages. The Dectet also must provide some kind of line noise filtering because the sound staging improved and more detail was evident. I also have a whole house surge suppressor installed on my electrical panel box.
You might be able to get a power re-generator on the used market that would settler your source problems, the absolute best way.  Otherwise there are various filtration methods others are suggesting.
I bought Furman Elite 20 PFI and installed whole house surge protector. Furman has strong non-sacrificial under/over voltage protection. It doesn’t lower dynamics since it contains huge inductor and capacitor storing energy for peak demands.  It has 3 banks of 4 outlets each for amplifiers (high current), audio-video and video - all filtered.  I bought it used for $650.  I also installed myself whole house protection by replacing double 20A breaker (Siemens style) in the panel with overvoltage protecting breaker:
(6th in order - your style might be different). You could install stronger protection mounted to the panel but for that you should hire electrician.

@erik_squires, thanks for link to the article. It is very informative and gives me a clearer picture of which direction to move.
Also, thanks to everyone else for their suggestions.
I have to do a little more research and see what I will do and what might be best for my system.
I don't want to get too carried away as I know that is easy to do.
Just gave away my Furman Elite 15i or something like that.  It performed well, cleaned up the power and nothing ever bombed my components.

Replaced it with the Decware ZLC which eviscerated the Furman.  In every aspect of dynamics, noise floor, attack and space between instruments and voice it improved the experience.  Loaned it out to a friend and he experienced the same thing in his power noisy apartment.

No surge protection (Steve Deckert does not seem to think that is an issue), excellent spike protection and conditioning.  This thing is a beast.  6 outputs.  3 month waiting period.  Placed on a Quadraspire Sunoko Vent stand with VPI DB5 Magic Brick on top.

System:  Naim UnitiServe server with custom PS, Mojo Audio Mystique V3 DAC, Manley 300B pre, ATC 40 active floor standers with Gaia footers.  Decware ICs, Patrick Cullen PCs, Nordost Valhalla digital cable, Quadraspire Reference X stand.
@celtic66 , that's an impressive system you have there and for you to say how you feel about the ZLC mirrors what I've heard about the EquiCore, which seems to do the same thing with the ZLC coming in at a better price. A 3 month waiting period speaks volumes and piques my interest. 

Thanks for mentioning it as I read about it some months ago but forgot about it.

All the best,
@celtic66, looks like you have a really nice system going there.
I am curious about the Decware ZLC as I have read other reviews similar to yours but just wonder if it would be any benefit to entry level system.
Also, what does the Magic Brick do?

jay73  That's a great question and the answer is yes.  Because, it will in all likelihood not remain an entry level system.  The benefits will only progress as the system improves.  Besides, don't you want at least spike protection in case something nasty blasts through the electrical wiring?  Decware also has a very good return policy.

The Magic Brick DB5 is an old product from the 80s that is some sort of 8 lbs. of material wrapped in a wooden case designed to be placed on electronics.  

It's an enigma as some have tried to copy it after cutting one open and never, to my knowledge, reproduced the results which also vary by system.  Some experience less transformer hum when placed on top, others a lower system noise floor, some exclaim improvement in dynamics and yet others shrug and say no difference.  I get quieter system results.

I've placed them all over my system, just on the casework.  I've also an HRS plate on the casework of the Naim UnitiServe.  It all works to my ears and that is all that matters.