Need advice on my next upgrade

Hi All,

I am looking for advice on my next project of HT upgrade. The usage of my system is mostly watching movies (80%) / (listening music 20%). Room size is ~25ft x 25ft. My budget is about ~$3K.

Here is my setup:

Pioneer Elite VSX-82 (as Pre/Pro)
Anthem Statement A5 Amplifier (180Wx5 @8ohm)
Pioneer Elite PD-65 CD Player
Sony Blu-Ray Player S300 (I’m waiting for a Blu-Ray player that has internal DTS-HD MA / Dolby TrueHD decoding)
Mitsubishi Platinum Series HD-RPTV 65551 (only accepts 1080i component signals)
Comcast (Motorola) HD-DVR box
Definitive Tech BP2000 (Main)
Definitive Tech CLR2002 (Center)
Definitive Tech BP8 (Surround)
Definitive Tech SuperCube 1 subwoofer
Monster Power Conditioner HTS3600
A mix of Monster, Blue Jeans and Acoustics Research cables

My thought is to continue to improve the SQ of my system (dynamics, clarity). My initial thoughts are:

Option 1: Pre-Pros upgrade – I need one that supports HDMI – Anthem AVM40/50 or D2 (~$4.5K)
Option 2: Main Speaker upgrade – BP7000/7001SC, Paradigm S6/S8 or B&W
Option 3: Center Speaker upgrade – CLR3000
Option 4: Interconnects upgrade
Option 5: I am open to any suggestions

I’m not sure what’s the bottleneck of my system. Please advise.


I would start with a used pre/pro for now, you will see a huge difference and that will help you determine what your next upgrade should be. Get a Theta Casanova, Proceed AVP, Merridian 561 or something comparable. These can be had for under $1000 and will improve your sound dramatically. One of these will last you until the new HD sounds settle and those features will be standard functionality on pre/pro's.
Buy the Processor used for $1000-$1500 and if you can control light in your room you must get a Projector! You can get a fantastic unit for around a $1000 used and a screen with the rest...if you have a good wall shine it n that and save even more, I did a HiDef 720P Projector and screen for $800 so no doubt you can do better.
I am not sure if this is a viable option but you left room for "other" ideas so I took the bait..........nothing will give you a bigger thrill then a 100 inch or larger screen! You can use current display during daytime or for casual viewing as bulbs in Projectors dont last forever.
Without knowing anything about your room/setup, I'd say you'll not be getting better dynamics and clarity by switching Def techs out! the 2000's are fine - but I'd add the matching center, not the 2002! (I think it's a CLR2000 you need).
Also, yes, the newer pre' pro's that are coming out with the Audyssey room correction, WILL MAKE A HUGE INPACT ON THE SOUND IN YOUR ROOM!! (MUCH MORE ACCURATE SOUND POTENTIAL). So, keep your eyes pealed.
IC's? I'd recommened the no lose Harmonic Truth Links. I swear by these for in expensive IC's. Also, the Acoustic Zen Satori speaker wires. (which look like garden hose, with brade - lol) Otherwise do some reasearch on more manageable sized cables.
As for the blueray player WHY are you waiting for one that decodes HD DD internally? It's not going to sound as good as processing inside a pre/pro! I garantee it. Look for limited dynamics, flatter sound, etc. It's always been better to process DD/DTS in a receiver or pre/pro, rather than directly from a DVD player. That's my 15 years in Audio/Video, anyway