Need advice on McIntosh driving Thiel 2.4's

I'm debating on my next amp purchase.I just got a C2200 and like it quite a bit. I'm considering an MC402, but I have a concern as to whether there is enough power driving the Thiel's. I have no doubt that 90% of the time it would be adequate, but that other 10% concerns me. I also have no doubt that I would be better off with a set of MC501's or my second choice of a Pass X350.5, but both are a little more than I relly want to spend, though I may have to do that to be satisfied. I have owned a few Pass amps over the years and really like them, but have never owned a McIntosh amp and I'm not in an area where I can easily audition.
I've owned my pair of Thiel CS6 speakers for years now, and have tried many different amps. I recently bought a Mcintosh MC7200 amp and C715 pre-amp and my Thiels have never sounded better. I realize I'm comparing "older" Mcintosh technology with the newer stuff, but with a power rating of 200wpc, this amp has no issues driving my Thiels to "realistic live" volumes. The biggest difference is now my system sounds like music more than it ever has, even with more powerful rated amps that I've tried. Mcintosh simply makes great equipment.
If this helps I am happily driving my Thiel 2.4s with a conrad johnson CAV50 tube integrated at 45 WPC. They sound simply wonderful and I really don't need them to go any louder than this set up will take them.
I have heard the 2.4s and 3.7s with the 2300/402 and they both had enough power. Very nice combo.
Mac 501's have been good for me driving 3.6 in a large room.
Thanks for the responses guys. I believe I'll try an MC402.
Have run 2.3's with a McIntosh MC602 with excellent results and absolutely no lack of power. A new old stock MC602 is cheaper than a new MC402. The MC602 uses bulbs and there is an LED kit available and can be installed at the time of purchase-which is what I did.
If you move up the Thiel line in the future the MC602 will power any model. Call or email Ernie at Audio Classics for info on the NOS MC602.
McIntosh 402, or 501`s. I have heard the 402 with the Thiels and it sounded great. I have owned McIntosh for over 30 years and one of my fav combos is MAC and Thiel.

happy listening
The 402 is 400WPC, high current. It will have no problems whatsoever driving your 2.4s
Another good choice for the Thiel 2.4 are the Parasound Halo JC1s
I have the 402 driving the 2.4s. This was the system that taught me that high end audio is not about the sound (alot of systems sound good) - it is about the feeling.

Love this setup. Get some good cables (i've got Audioquest Colorados)
After a week with the MC402 driving the Thiel's, I am very happy with the decision. It is one of the best sounding combination I've had. I'm hoping for long-term contentment out and I may have found it. I appreciate everyone's advice.