need advice on good amp cable.

Have a feeling im lossing alot with my pre to amp cables.Im currently using standard audioquest, unbalanced.How much of a difference would better cable make,any suggestions? I have CLASSE DR6 pre and [2]OCM amps.

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A small company in New Jersy called Virtual Image has just recently branched out from doing just power cables and is now doing interconnects. Their new interconnect cable, Pile Driver 18, uses silver coated copper conductors with Cardas plugs. When fully burned-in, I noticed a wider and more precise sound stage than I had with the previous IC's I was using. These cables are extremely revealing, making the smallest detail or flaw in a recording noticable. These cables are truly amazing!!! The IC's I had in my system prior to the V.I.'s, retail for almost 3x's as much. If you are interested you can contact Al at Virtual image, his e-mail is [email protected] . Oh, and just for the record, I have no vested interest in this company, I'm just a very avid believer in their products.

If you might be interested in some of their power cables, do a search of the discussion forums for Virtual Image. There you can read some of my previous posts about their power cables.