Need Advice on Downsizing :-

Recent tech layoff may force me to downsize my system in a couple of months, so I'd value advice on what two or three components I could give up in exchange for cheaper but acceptable performance. My system is as follows:

Audio Physic Virgo II
Blue Circle BC2 Monos
Sonic Frontiers Line III with upgraded tubes and extra tubes
2 sets of Nordost SPM Interconnects (1m, 2.5m)
FIM Gold Speaker Cable (8')
Pioneer DV09 DVD player
Cardas Golden Cross (1/2m)

Two potential options I see would be to sell the CD player and make do with the DVD player for a while. Another would be to sell the preamp and power amps and get an OK integrated.

Anyway, let me know what you think on what I might get rid of and what may work well in its place. I guess I'm looking to raise somewhere between $1.5k to $3k overall. Thanks in advance!
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Sorry to hear the bad news. You could almost raise the $1.5K by parting with the Nordost SPM. Got any decent spare cables? The CD player is a good choice also.
Boy it's gotta' be tough to break-up a nice looking system such as you have. To do the least damage long-term, I'd have to agree with Sugar. Digital technology changes faster than amp/pre-amp etc does. Does Nordost have some inexpensive ICs you could live with? Best of Luck. Craig
I agree with Sugarbrie. Seems you could sell the cables for about $1.5k - next, I'd probably sell the CD UNLESS you could do without the DVD. Since I'm a two channel guy with no interest in HT or DVD, my choice would be to get rid of the DVD. But, whatever you do, DEFINITELY keep the amps/preamp and the speakers.
If you sell CD-player you will break the main -- music!!!
You should definitely downsize your preamp for the simplier model or integrated instead of separates.
As far as I know you can use passive preamp(something like Pass Aleph P or even cheaper McCormack Line Drive) instead.
For integrated the good choice will be Pathos Twin Towers(used) or if you want to drive harder you can get Plinius 8100.
It would be definitely a major heartbreak if you start thinking of downsizing speakers...
I would sell the Nordost cables first as there are many good cables for a fraction of their cost. Same with the Cardas. I'm not familar with the speaker cable, but that may be a good item to sell as well. Your system does not appear to have much need for the DVD player unless you have invested in a lot of music DVDs (you're not using this system for HT are you?). Of course you can play CD's on the DV-09 so you might keep it and sell the YBA unless the YBA is that much better and you own mostly CDs. I agree with the above posts that you should keep the amps, preamp and speakers. Good luck with it and finding a new job. I too am looking for a new job and it is unfortunately not the best time to be looking.
Keep the speakers and CDP. Sell all the cables, amps and pre amp and buy Magnum Dynalab 208 receiver Kimber PBJ cable and Audioquest Midnight cable. You wont even notice the difference. Stay strong!
Hi Outlier, I am very sorry to hear of your job situation. The same thing happened to me. I sympathize and understand your situation. I have owned the Nordost Q and the FIM Gold speaker cable. I had no problem selling the Nordost or my FIM speaker cable. I would sell these first. That was easy for me after hearing the Sakura OTA cable Kit. IMO, the OTA is a much better IC than the Nordost. I must admit, selling the FIM PCs almost broke my heart. I have yet to hear a better PC. Please read the Sakura OTA Cable Kit thread. You will get enough wire to out fit your system for $600. You will get 160 feet of wire and enough of their special RCAs to make up 3 pair of ICs. I like their IC better than the highly praised Vahalla, Valhalla, or whatever it's called. For the selling price of the SPM, this will buy you the OTA cable kit. IMO, you will get a better wire, and some cash to put in your pocket. Better times are ahead. You will be back in the saddle in before you know it.

Best regards, Bruce
Thanks everyone for the good advice and kind words. I'm leaning towards going with the cable change option first - sounds like the least drastic option, although I've been so happy with the cables - very noticeable upgrades from what I've had before. Fingers crossed I can land a job soon and be asking you all for upgrade rather than downgrade advice :-) Anyway, thanks again.
And you will... (land that job -- or better!). Been there before. Don't sell everything -- as I did!

May I second Bruce & Sugar's advice for the SPM, the FIM, and any expensive chords you may have. Replace all with OTA for now.
The only further option is the CD1a, which is expensive & should have a good resale value: one option there would be a reasonable cdp used as transport & a ART DI/0 (only suggesting this from hearsay)
John, I'm a fellow technology victim as well. Brutal downturn has had far reaching effects, the "tech wreck" of 2001 will be remembered as a slice of history best forgotten. I started up a company to address the semiconductor intellectual property niche, take a look at
The CDP you own is terrific, I'd hesitate to sell it unless you really have no choice. The cables and associated accessories can be sold and replaced with more modest stuff without having to resort to selling off the fine gear you've accumulated. Hang in there, the technology business is bound to recover sooner rather than later, it's hard to find a consumer or industrial product that is not using semiconductors (at an ever-increasing rate). Drop me a line if you'd like to exchange ideas on potential job opportunities.
I'm no expert on audio yet, but assuming your not making monthly payments... keep everything that your happy with. They're is a saying about cars, but it may apply to audio as well... "the cheapest one you'll ever have, is the one you already got".

When you do find another job, it will cost more to move back up to what you already have. So unless there is a piece you would like to replace anyway, I would keep it if at all possible.
I'd sell everything but the speakers and CD player. Then I'd buy a used Audio Refinement ("budget" YBA) integrated amplifier and Cardas Crosslink interconnect and speaker cables.
Outlier I am sorry about your dilemna as your system is very nice indeed. Actually my recommendation may be an improvement over what you currently have yet save you some money. I would suggest selling the amps and pre-amp, downgrading the cabling keep the speakers and buy a used Berning ZH270 Otl amp.

This amp has unusual flexibility and includes gain control 3 feedback settings to match with speaker damping, 70 watts a channel, weighs only 10 lbs and has sound from top to bottom riviling the best out there including control of the bass like few tube amps but the biggest. You don't need a pre-amp as it has 2 inputs on the back and is as quiet as death. A used one can be purchased for about 3K.

This may or may not work for you but it is certainly an option I recommend looking into. I know others will say it is a radical change to make in your system but I feel very confident in this recommendation. It will also free up some real estate in your room. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. This is one of the most amazing and innovative audio products I have ever come across since I've been in this hobby.
That's right on Tubegroover! I believe that the most musical component in this system is CD player(one of the best for the money)
sorry to hear your situation. my suggestion 1. get rid of the cables 2. SF is an oaky gear, (it is very detail. but....) but there are lots of good used preamp, change it and still can have some good money back. 3. if you like the YBA, then keep it, music source is a very important factor in your music chain.

my cent.

Hey! I share the concerns of the other readers. I was there 15 years ago and with 2 young kids. My first advice is to not rush into anything and think through your options. I agree with many above, the cables can go first. They will sell fast and there are plenty of options. Stan Warren makes a very nice cable at a realistic price -- give him a call. If you need his number, e-mail me. On the upside. Your decision to live with the DVD is also good and probably step 2. Amps versus integrated is a hard call. I recently had to buy a new amp. I thought the solution would be easy -- one of the new integrateds. I ended up with a new power amp and a direct feed from my CD player. But, I listened to lots of integrateds. Used and less than 1000, the Complete or Jolida (remember folks this is a temporay fix that creates good music). Next step up, used at about 1k, Creek 5350SE, Rouge Tempest, Plinius, Music Fidelity. Let your ears decide. Don't strip apart your system until you know you have to and can be satisfied with the results. Mind set and having music to relax with still matters. Good luck and let us know what you decide, you advice back to us will help one of us in the future.