Need advice on CLX surround system

Is it necessary to go electrostatic with side speakers in a CLX 5.1 audio setup? I stumbled on a great deal on a Stage center so I'm thinking of expanding my 2 channel CLX setup which also consists of two Descent i's... I'm looking for something inexpensive (since this "thing" is just a whim") and don't want to go with anything too intrusive. Also, I really don't like the looks of the lower end Martin Logan line but might have to settle for a Prodigy or Vantage. Intrusive. The discontinued wall mounted Scripts seemed like a possibility but I'm sure they wouldn't have the presence that would be needed. Any good suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe I should just dump the Stage and forget it. Don't know....
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I don't think you will be happy with anything that does not have a electrostatic pannel in it. If you don't have the floor space, then find some used Scripts. Floor standers will give you the option to move them around. It could make a big difference in how they perform.
Thank you so much. I appreciate the comments. I've been searching for Vantages but they may be too much for the space - I have located a pair of Scripts but was wondering if they would have the presence and imaging to pair with the CLX's. My inclination is to make the Vantages work and scrap the Scipt idea. Does that seem like the reasonable direction? Any words are much appreciated - I certainly am wide open to input.
I think it comes down to looks vs performance. If you push the Vantage right up against the wall and set the processor to small limiting it's bass output then that is what the Script is going to do. With the Vantage you get bass down to 35hz and you can get a more 'open' sound by moving it off the the wall 2-3 feet. If you have the physical room for this then it would be the way to go. At least you could experiment with wall proximity and for/aft placement. Perhaps you will find a magic spot for a pair of Scripts or maybe no wall placement works at all? You can always re-sell for little or no loss.

Since the script is likely more easily localized, I would suggest going with 4 Scripts in a 7.1 system as another option. The Script is certainly less intrusive. Having more channels for surround will make up a bit for their smaller size. Again, it depends on your room, budget and primary use/desire for the system (2ch or theater).
My thoughts exactly on the Vantages (wall proximity); however, I've stumbled on an inexpensive pair and I think I'll at least test direction. And I don't know where all the Scripts have gone. Can't seem to find any black. I've also been looking at the new wall mounted electrostats on the M.L. site - the EFX - they look like the exact ticket but for my secondary application that is just too darn expensive. Again, thanks for the input.
ML probably didn't sell a lot of those Script speakers, and the ones that they did are probably more permanent then floor or bookshelf speakers. The EFX looks like the new version of the Script.