Need advice on choosing rears with B&W N804s?.

I am deperate for advice. My HT system currently consists of the Krell HTS pre/pro and KAV-1500 amp running a pair of B&W Nautilus 804s with a HTM2 center and a Velodyne SPL-800 subwoofer. My rears are a pair of Gallo Micro Nucleus satellites on the floor tilted upwards. They make no usable sounds and are frankly more distracting and annoying than having no rears at all.

The problem is that I do not have any real space for anything large nor do I want to spend a lot because they are rear channels and seem to be fairly unimportant. I was thinking of wall mounting a pair of magnepan surrounds especially since my amp is rated at 300w/ch into 8 ohms.

Does anyone have any other speaker suggestions or advice? My knowledge of home theatre is limited.

Thank you for your help.
b&w makes some decent in wall speakers designed for surrond use, you might want to investigate that option if it would work in your room, very inconspicuous. Hope that helps -Carl
I would try to find some B&W's for the rears or at the very least, speakers that are of the same sound as your center speaker. A lot of movies and music pan from rear to front or front to rear, its not all side to side so you want very little tone change through the midrange as the sound makes its sweep through your room.
I would try and find a pair of B&W DS6 surround speakers...they can be wall mounted and sound suprisingly good...I had a pair when I was all B&W in my theater...They match very well to your center...I will also add they can be had in the used market for around $300. $400.tops...Good luck