Need advice on CD-Player

Looking for a CD-Player for my set up which is Klipsch P-37F, Running on Rotel RSP-1570 and Anthem MCA-50. Looking for a good balanced CD-player best one for the money, price range 1,500-2,000 i haven't decided if i want a tube or a solid state. was looking at ayon CD-2 but kind of out of my price range. So some advice would be appreciated. I'm still kind of new to this whole HI-FI, be gentle...
There is a Simaudio Moon series Equinox SE for 975.00 including shipping on here. I just got one back in december. No way you can beat the sound quality for that price. My system is all tubes, except the CD player. The Equinox sounds much better than the Linn CD player with the Numerik DAC (combo) that I sold. I haven't worked in 4 years, otherwise I'd buy it just for a back up. At least check it out. Happy listening.
There are so many possibilities. I can tell you that I have one of the Ayon Cd players and it is very good. It is the third Ayon I have owned and they have very natural sound, give you the detail, and even though they have tubes, they do not have the tubey sound. They will reflect what your equipment gives them. To be in your price range, you would probably need to get an older model used. Another company I like is Arcam. I like the sound that their DVD and CD players give. Very smooth and non fatiguing, no tubes. They would be more in your price range. NAD is another company that you could explore, they make some really nice equipment. Good luck and I am sure others will suggest many other companies. Take care and remember in the end , it should be about the music, not going crazy about this stuff. Stephen
Sony 595, as refurb from SonyStyle for $60. What have you got to lose, maybe being shocked that you don't need to pay more.
Oppo BDP-95, probably the best player for the money in the world. And, it gives you the capability of playing SACD, DVD-Audio, and, ahem, BluRay discs...

does any one know anything about the Meridian G06.2 24-bit CD-Player
With all the advances made in CD playback, things have come to a head allowing you to spend less than your target price and still get excellent results.
Case in point: I took my TEAC PD-H600 over to a local audiophile who sells out of his home. His system is in the 6 figures and its all tube. The preamp alone is $15,000 and its not stock. He has 'golden ears', played in an orchestra, advises manufacturers, etc. His system is the best I've heard.

We took out his Lector CDP and put in my TEAC. The difference was minimal, at best. There was a slight lack of body making for an ever so slightly analytical presentation that was all but forgotten half way through the first track. We ended up listening to the whole CD and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wish I had his system, room, etc. but when I got back home, I realized that my system was not that far off from his. I certainly need a better, larger room but that TEAC held its own against some might fine equipment. All the CDPs mentioned should do fine allowing you to save the difference and spend it on music. Enjoy.
Balanced Im still a big fan of Classe.
Anyone has an opinion on Goldenote Stibbert Tube CD there is one listed on audiogon for around 2000, anyone
Regarding Meridian G06.2,its a nice player,very gentle,but its not balanced and it has that ugly new car stereo or pc drawer(in fact,has no drawer,which can scratch your cd in
process of putting and taking your disc out)which is setback
from prevous G06 or G08 series.I would advise you to go on G08 model in any case if you will choose meridian. It is a great allaround player,and has more authority and resolution than G06.