Need advice on cables for Constellation and Raidho setup


I am buying my first nice two-channel setup and need advice on cables. I am a newbie so be kind. Here is my setup so far:
* Constellation Inspiration amp and pre-amp
* Raidho D1 Speakers
* PS Audio DirectStream DAC
* PS Audio P5 PowerStation

I would like to find reasonably priced cables to connect all my gear (XLR, digital and speaker). I usually try to buy the best bang for my buck in my hobbies. I don’t need the best, most expensive stuff, just cables that are suitable for my equipment. I don’t have a budget established but I am not going to be buying any $5,000 power cords for example. I would really like to hear from people who have similar equipment to mine since that seems to make a difference in reading some of the threads in this section.

Thank you in advance,

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When I had the D1's and later the D2's I had really good luck with Nordost Tyr2 IC's and original Frey's for SC's. I had an Octave V110 integrated and now the Aavik U300. I have since moved up to Ansuz Ceramics. The Ansuz MainzD8 (power distribution) with a Ceramic or Diamond power cord is quite magical.  Lowers the noise floor and makes everything sound even more natural and open regardless of other cables. As a side note I had an in home demo of the new Ansuz Diamond TC power cord. I couldn't believe how good it sounded but at 20K USD for 2M is a bit pricey

Other good cables with Raidho are Siltech and Kimber.
I found some nordost blue heaven XLRs, thoughts?
I would ask the dealer you bought it from what would sound good at your budget. After all he has probably heard that combination more than most. If not call the cable company in New Hope, Pa and borrow some different cables to try out. They will credit you whatever you spend towards a purchase less shipping.

I found some nordost blue heaven XLRs, thoughts?

To me the blue heaven and the red dawns sounded a bit bright and lacked 'meat' in the mids IMO. I had a Nordost demo case a few years back for about 30 days. That gave me a chance to really compare. For Ic's and Sc's. I settled on the Frey. To me they were positioned in the sweet spot of the Nordost line up for the money. But these were the original Norse series. When the Norse series 2 was released I ended up trading the Frey Ic's for the Tyr2. They had a much more liquid sound. I never tried the Lief Series. Also at that time I had Dynaudio C1's. I kept those Ic's and original Frey Sc up until shortly after getting the D2's.
I ended up buying Analysis Plus ICs. I chose the Solo Crystal Silver XLRs so far. The dealer said they are a great value and one of the few cable companies that actually makes their own cables. I will receive my amp and preamp Friday, however, I ended up ordering the soon to be released Raidho D 1.1 so I will have to wait until mid to late February. I am considering the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Ovals for the speaker wires. Lastly, I bought a few different power cords to see if I can hear a difference. I bought a PS Audio XStream and a Pangea 14SE. Also plan to try the Analysis Plus Power Oval 2s. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with these and what they prefer.

as always, consult your dealer/retailer 1st. If no agreement is concluded, reach out to the individual companies of your gear for consultation.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
The dealer of my speakers and amp recommended analysis plus