Need advice on building a system from a mishmash of components!

Hi, 1st time at posting so I apologize in advance if I screw up.

As a result of wonderful gifts, purchases and inheritance I have the following components.  Is anyone interested in providing some recommendations on how to pair them up for a good system or two? Purchase new components to improve?  I listen to jazz, a little classic rock. I listen to a lot of vinyl and many CDs

Thank you in advance.

MacIntosh Amp SS MC2105 - Great condition Refurbished by Audio Classics 105 watts/channel  1972 I believe

Adcom Amp GFA535 60 watts into 8O  1987  Good condition

Adcom Pre-amp 555 1987 Good condition

Golden Tube Audio Pre-amp SEP-1 No phono  1995  Excellent condition

Rega Saturn CD Player 2007 or so, very good condition,

 Pioneer Tuner TX6800 Very good condition 1980-81

Luxman Turntable Quartz DD, PX99  1980's?  Good condition, Grado red cartridge, under 10 hours

Niles SVCC Speaker Control System  1980s, 4 volume controls for 8 speakers  Very good condition

2 B&W 705 speakers (curved top) with stands, 2004 Excellent condition

2 Totem Mite speakers with stands.  2005  Excellent condition

2 Magnepan Ribbon speakers - very good condition, with oak sides, metal feet.  MMG I believe (They are wrapped up)  As I have a fairly small house I'm not sure that these will fit...

Definitive Technology Super Cube 3 - Excellent condition, maybe 5 hours,   Active.  7.5" woofer with 2 radiators 

KLH Small Sub - passive, cheap piece.


I am not sure of the best pairing of components to make one good system, and where I should jettison and / or invest in other components.  Or if I shoild look at making 2 systems... I realize that this is not high end stuff, but its the best I have at the moment!  Thank you for any and all suggestions.  





Keep the Mac amp, Golden Tube pre-amp, the B&W speakers, and whatever sources you want to use. I'd only use the secondary stuff for the garage or spare bedroom. 

You are very lucky. What sounds best will to a large extent depend on you. So, my recommendation is to use input from the forum to organize the sequence for you to audition. You must ultimately decide for yourself. We all have different values in sound quality. 

I will say I have a pair of Totem Mites in my office (with matching subwoofer) that I like very much. Magnaplanar speakers can require a lot of natural warm power to sound good.

You easily might have the makings of a “main system”… and an office (or bedroom)  system. But experimenting will be required.

Take your time and try the different combos and compare. Older gear is always somewhat more unpredictable regarding how well they work and resulting sound plus in the end what sound one prefers is always highly subjective to start with.  

I would list them all on ebay and other sites. Use to find what they are worth.

The best value you have the B&W speakers. If you like them, keep them. I personally favor the Totems.

Next is the McIntosh amp. If it’s in great shape, you can sell it for a few grand.

The Rega CD player is highly rated too.

The rest might take a long time to sell and will give you time to play with it.

I don’t see the point of owning more than of anything (but on this site there are people who own 10+ speaker sets or 150+ cartridges but those are clinical cases) unless you have 4 heads but of course you can have 2nd and 3rd systems. My sense is that what you have doesn’t add up to a sweet 1st or 2nd system.

If you don’t want to do a lot of research, just take the easy route, CDs or streaming. You have great speakers (not the subs), a decent CD player and you can get a good integrated amp for a $1000 that’s better than anything you have.

I won't append my first comment. But I reread your post and I am totally confused.

you wrote: "wonderful gifts, purchases and inheritance" 

I assume these three things didn't happen overnight. So you must have a history of building a system or systems and you have plugged (some) these together?

What is your objective? Are you hoarding these items? 

Main System (existing pieces until future upgrades bit by bit)

McIntosh AMP

Adcom Preamp.

***Full Featured: Phono MM and MC; Capacitance choices; Mono; Balance; Tone Controls; and Contour (their version of low volume compensation, boosts bass)

***Two sets of Outputs (allows second system: use Adcom Amp, Golden Preamp with Totem Mites with self powered sub)).

Luxman TT

B&W Speakers

Existing Tuner/CD Player

Sell all the other stuff, including the Tuner if you have no use for it.

Niles speaker Selector: they make good stuff, but for what? You need wires to and from for the main system, not good. Nearby Kitchen Speakers? Better to buy a little compact Bose or other gizmo for the kitchen.


Then, bit by bit, upgrade the main system, and use pieces from the main system in the 2nd system if appropriate.

Wish the GTA had phono. 

Just add an outboard phono-pre. Many to choose from, some very good and affordable. 

The 3 items worth keeping are the 2105 Mac amp the B&W 705 and the Pioneer tuner. These 3 items will keep a solid resale value. Then focus on getting the best sound per dollar. A late model Mac preamp will be a great improvement over both current preamps. Update your sources, can't be specific due to not knowing your financial situation. 

I'd run the Rega Saturn into the Golden Tube preamp and that into the Mac amp. Any of the speakers listed would be just fine try listening and seeing which you prefer. And you have enough gear to build a 2nd system around the Adcom gear and whatever speakers you end up not choosing.

Your room is going to be a big factor in which speakers work best for you.  I'd suggest trying them all with the Mac and Golden Tube preamp, and decide for yourself.

I would keep the Totem and B&W speakers, the Mac amplifier, the tube preamp,  the TT and CD player and tuner. The Maggies may require a different amplifier.

Purchase an outboard phonostage that mates well with the Grado cartridge.

Put a system together then swap out the speakers to get a feel for the sonic characteristics you most enjoy. 

The Adcom gear will likely be used in a secondary system. The 535 amp may serve as a backup. 

Thank you very much for all your time and experienced advice. 

In response to Grisleybutter, some of the items (e.g. Adcom) I have had for many, many years, other items were recently gifted to me and I have not had the opportunity to test them all.) I appreciate your advice on quality - and maybe selling it all for a $1,000 integrated amp.  But first I am going to play, er...  experiment, with what I have - as many of you suggested.  After all, the Mac was recently refurbished and the speakers are like new.  

Yes, GHDPrentice, I agree - I am lucky to have these options.   

Thanks to all of you - your advice was helpful.  Clearly I need to stay up late for some experimenting!  Given the small size of the rooms in my 100+ year old house I think the Maggies are out.  Radio reception is terrible where I live, so the Pioneer is out as well.   Likewise, the cheap sub will be out.   And the Niles, although reported as good quality, will probably be out as well since I won't be using it, and someone else might.

 I am going to research phono--outs for use with the GTA into the Mac to learn how that sounds. (Thanks Russ69, I had forgotten about that option.)  I might have learn about tubes next.  I'm sure the single tube is pretty old.   I have already paired the Adcom with the Mac, so I will see which I like better. Since the B&Ws and Totems are like new, I will keep both sets.  

I'm not sure about the Super Cube 3 sub. More experimenting.  The cheap one is out.

And yes - I will start saving to replace the sources - the Rega and the TT.  They both have a bit of mileage.

Thank you all again!  

sorry I didn’t mean to be harsh. I am easily confused :)

You will have a lot of fun playing with your toys. I myself hoard cheap speakers, not sure why. I just got cured of hoarding old integrated amps.

For a phono stage, I just tested 3 of them and found good options under $400.

My dream some day is to buy and sell used audio and use the profits to upgrade my system. You have many items that would be very appealing for people entering the audiophile Universe.

G- no offense at all.   My first time on a chat and still pretty new to audio world. Although I'm getting old!  Thank you for your advice.  Any tips for looking at outboard phono stages?   Good luck with your dream.   I hope to do biz with you in the future!


so my budget was around $500. I found the Moon LP110 v2 the best deal. Had a post about it too. 

My sense is that for a $1000 turntable, it's not worth spending $$$ on a phono stage. From what I read, the entry level Parasound, Musical Surroundings, Cambridge Audio, Schiit all do a great job. 

Yes, we should cross paths in the World of magical vintage gear!