Need advice on Budget CD player for this system...

This is/will be my 2nd system:

Conrad Johnson PV7 pre
Dyna ST 70 amp modified by John Hillig
Sound Dynamics RTS 3 speakers
Harman Kardon T403 tuner

Various interconnects left over from here and there and looking for advice also on reasonable speaker cables. I do have some old original Monster Cable???

I'm looking for a CD that would be the main source of music for this system. Would prefer to buy used as that usually gets you more bang for your buck. I'm woefully ignorant about SACD, CD players,
DAC etc.

The music would be a variety of stuff, classical for my wife and would play some rock CD's for myself. Classical, jazz, rock will be played on my main system that will be mostly analogue.

Obviously, nothing would meet all needs but what would be a good start here?

Thanks in advance.
There's a Rotel 991 on sale now at A'Gon. IMHO it's a very good player for the money.

Disclaimer: I am not a dealer of Rotel, and not affiliated w/ the seller in any way, shape, or form. :)
The Philips 963sa is one of the best values around!
It has SACD AND it upsamples regular CD's.
Good Luck!
What's the budget if with the soft sounding CJ think about a used Music Hall CD-25, tons of presence clean excellent dynamics. It would probably synergize/compensate well. They run about $550 new $350 used.
Mechans, you and others have given very good advice that I am doing some more research on.

Looking back, I should have given a rough figure for what I wanted to spend in order to help others give good advice.

The good part though is that now I have ideas for my 2nd system.. around $200 is what I was thinking of spending....and my main system. If I ever do go the digital route there i was thinking in the $400 range. I know these are rock bottom prices for some but I've found you can get some pretty good stuff when you buy used. Also, I'm mainly an analogue person but the 2nd system would be a decent one where my wife could play her classical CD's and I could play the rock music CD's that aren't available on vinyl.

I like your ideas about the synergy of the Music Hall player working with the softer qualities of the CJ and Dynaco tube sound.

Thanks, Merci, Dekuju, Dakujem

To all who have posted or e-mailed me privately, my most sincere thanks. Several have made some generous offers on quality stuff.

I find myself going back and forth on what to do but all the time learning something about digital which is what I really intended to do. Audiogon is a great site to purchase and learn I've found over the years. Moreover, I've interacted with some great people through this site. I had previously bought here with a different e mail address and just started over recently and have always had good experiences here.

I've found over the years, that I make better decisions by taking my time. However, my current thinking is this:

1. Even though this is a 2nd system, why not go with something that is most important, that is, the source is the most important link in the chain. Just as you would want a quality TT in an analogue system, you would want a decent CD player in a digital system even if it costs a bit more money.

2. I like components that are dedicated and universally accepted :
I have products by Vandersteen, Audio Research, VPI, Conrad Johnson Dynaco etc.I

3. I also have always like the concept of matching components that blend well together. For example, Vandersteens usually go well with Audio Research electronics.

4. So, the way I'm leaning right now is that I'm thinking of purchasing a Music Hall MMF CD-25 right now. But I reserve the right to change my mind .
Check out Denon 1650...if you like lateral imaging and soundstaging(big sound)...this is a very good cdp...around $500 used...
Well, just to put a period on this thread....I bought a used Music Hall MMF CD-25 from Jeff's Sound Values for about $300.

I'm more than pleased. There does seem to be some of the often complained about harshness in string sound on classical music but my first thought is that's more the function of the limited amount of recordings that I've listened to. DG, Phillips etc. Need to listen to some more classical CD's that are recorded better.

I did listen to some of the Dick's Picks series (Grateful Dead) recorded in HDCD and was very impressed with the sound quality. The other night I listend to a Garcia/Grisman collaboration "Shady Grove" recorded in HDCD and was blown away by the lifelike quality of the sound.

Still early to make any final judgements about this player but so far am very pleased. The player seems to reveal the source well.

By the way, I was also impressed by Jeff's Sound Values and would do business with them again.

I should add that I don't have my 2nd system set up yet and am currently listening on my main system:

Audio Research SP8
Dynaco Stereo Amp modified by John Hillig
Vandersteen 2C speakers.