Need advice on Bryston B-60

Found a B-60 used for $800, is this a good deal?
I am new to the high end audio and need some input.
I hear that it is a little weak at high volume, is there
truth to that?
Is there any other integrateds to look at in that price range?
My current system is Cambridge Audio A3I int.,Cambridge Audio CD4SE cdp,MSB Link Dac III, Klipsch Reference 3 mains, M&K V125 sub, Cardas Crosslink speaker wire and Cardas Quadlink 5C interconnects.
Thanks for your input.
Depends on how effecient your speakers are.This amp is 60 wpc.If your speakers are above 90db effecient that should be fine. John Meyer of newform research speakers loves this amp.
I used the B60 with Meadowlark Kestrel Hotrods for awhile. It was a great combination, never lacking for power, even at high volumes. I think they are 90db. If it matches with your speakers, it would be tough to beat at $800. It is a classy piece of equiptment with a great warranty.
While there are a few great preamps that compete with the B-60 you would be hard pressed to find one at $800...
you can find Anthem's integrated 2 for between $600 and $1000 depending on condition (demo or used). This integrated puts out more wattage than the Bryston and is a hybrid (tube preamp ss amp) design.
What amp do you plan to get to replace the Cambridge integrated? The A3i does not have Pre-in/Main-out connections. Another Bryston?
I just sold mine for $900.00, so I'd say you've found a great deal. Good God, 60wpc ought to more than enough into your Klipsch's...I was driving a pair of Magnepans with my B60, and it was more than enough for me. And the Magnepans are about 14 Decibels less sensitive than your Klipsch's are. These things are VERY well built-the 20 year warranty is for real. The only reason I've sold mine is I've gone to a passive pre/tube amp combination that just flat out beats for transparency, albeit not as powerful.
Sorry MrSoundMan, I get confused when the AudiogoN catagory sais "Preamps". (And it also includes Amps) I realized the B60 is also an integrated like the Cambridge after I posted.
All I can add is OTHERS in that same price range which is worth a listen is the "Used" YBA Integre and Integre DT, as well as the YBA made "Audio Refinement Complete" (new $999, used $700). My second system in my den/home office has a Cambridge A3i, CD-4, Dacmagic DAC, B&W CDM-1 (The original version), Onkyo Integra Tuner, Music & Sound interconnects.
I've always been a Cambridge fan.