Need advice on best DVD for under 600 used


Looking for some advice from my experienced HT Audiogon members regarding the best DVD player for under $600 (used).

I am new to HT but do have decent equipment equipment from my 2 channel days(Martin Logan SL3's front, Cinema center and Scenerio rears....Chiro C500 amp & C800 5.1 DTS...pre-proc feeding a Mitsubishi 65" HDTV).

If you want to spend around $500-600, I'd recommend the Denon 2800 DVD player. If you want a very good picture for an absurdly low price, check out a Panasonic-RP56 DVD player. I think it has the same video chip-set as the Denon. And you can get it for about $220 new at Best Buy. The only negative about it is that is only has an optical digital-output.
Check out a number of players at Secrets of Home Theatre. I've found it to be an excellent resource. Here's the link:
You'll definitely want a Progressive Scan model for your HDTV and both of those mentioned are that. The SOHT link has a very good comparison review on several progressive scan players including the Denon and Panasonic.
Good Luck!
Well I just bought a Pioneer Elite DV 09 used for 300 dollars(ad here in a local paper)I see advertised for 500 to 700, and I do think it is a great unit. There is a Panasonic 1000 being advertised on the site for 6 something I think was a 3k machine retail(whatever that word means anymore) and is massive at 30 pds+ that is supposed to be great. I have owned the NAD 550 and it was pretty good, can be had in the 350 range used.
Good luck
Hello Mark:

If you are trying to get a DVD Player for around $600.00 (that is used), then you might want to investigate getting something like a Toshiba SD-9100 (or for just a little bit more, you might get a Toshiba SD-9200 right now, since that model was introduced a year ago), a Sony DVP-S7700 (for about $350.00 to $550.00), or a Pioneer Elite DV-09 (used ones in mint condition go in the mid $600's to about the low $800's), or now, you can even get a used Pioneer Elite DV-37 from about the mid $400's to about the upper $500's. And being that you have a HDTV, the DV-37 would be one of the main players I would be looking at, if a used player is what you want, being that it is a progressive scan model. If you can find a dealer that is willing to discount, instead of looking for a used player for under $600.00, I think I would be looking to get a brand new one instead. DVD Players have improved tremendously over the last two years, to the point in which technology that was exclusive to high-end players just two or three years ago, are now showing up in newer and affordable players today. In fact, if you go to somewhere like Best Buy, right now, you can get a progressive scan DVD Player for under $200.00 (a Toshiba SD-3750 for example). But now, if I am shopping in the $450.00 to $600.00 range, then I'll be looking at a Denon DVD-2800, a Panasonic RP-91, or right now, the vunerable Pioneer Elite DV-37 (bought mine locally for $700.00 eight months ago....... great machine..... don't regret buying it either...... but now, I understand that if you can shop around on the web, you might be able to land a brand new DV-37 for around the mid-to-upper $600's).

Good Luck.......

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One man's opinion -- get a Pioneer Elite DV-37. I have owned one for nearly a year, and it has great video and audio quality (better sound quality than my old CD player). There is a new DV-37 for sale right now for $575 here on A-gon.
Hi All,

Thanks soooo much for your input. I now feel comfortable moving forward. I'll drop a line to all and let you know.

Regards and Happy Holidays!!!

STOP!HOLD ON!STAY IN CONTROL!(Ray Davies & The Kinks) Before you spend 1 penny on ANY DVD player mentioned above or anywhere else.At this time,for a mere $500.00 you can buy a new Philips DVD-Q50.With the Forudja "DCDi"progressive scan chipset and a top quality tv this dvd player WILL LAY WASTE to ANY player out there INCLUDING the Denon 2800,Sony 9000 & the $6000.00 Pioneer unit!!!If anyone doubts this sit down with the AVIA set up disc & perform the resolution test.Philips DVD-Q50,560 lines horizontal resolution clear,crisp,detailed & smooth!!!The sony 9000 also manages 560 lines but the picture is soft like a sheet of saren wrap over the tv.The highly rated (what a joke)$6000.00 Pioneer unit CAN ONLY MANAGE 500 lines!!This is a FACT that NO ONE can dispute!!!See for yourself before you buy. Enjoy!