Need Advice on BACK/SURROUND Side speakers

I have a nice system. Trying for finishing touches. For various reasons, it is in a small (14x12) bedroom, on long wall. It does lay out well, surprisingly so. I want it to also look nicer.

I have Soliloquy SAT 5 Rears on side walls, aimed slightly(10-15*) down (toward pillow on bed).

Although they sound great, I am looking for a speaker that will wall mount and sound as well. Maybe like the Vienna, or B&K type look - either OK. I have always had direct fire, but am open to opinions - actually would appreciate comments.

From specific speakers, to type of speaker, to placement. All comments are welcome. I have a $600'ish budget, hopefilly $300 from sale of SAT 5. Used is GREAT from reliable seller.

Disability and the reluctance of shops to actually move stuff around , refuse home trials, (and I do more educating than they do) makes the online good, honest, advice of this group better, in my experience, than high end audo shops.

Rest of system:

Classe ssp-25
Classe CAV 150 AMP
Pioneer 47 ai DVD/CD
Pioneer 46 DVD Changer
DVDO-HD (anyone experience with routing eg, audio direct to pre, not DVDO, etc)
Taylo Reference Mains (Monitors)
TICE IIIC Power Center
Cables are assorted.
Speakers, new AQ DBS 6 w/ 36 V
Some PS Audio from CLASSE Pre to Amp wirh balanced OPERA on R/L (any comment)
NIB Aq CHEETAH 1/2 M I can't use at moment (too short - whoops)
All Aftermarket PCs - average to above average.
Samsung 50" 5063 DLP rear project TV (DVI input from DVDO)
Von Schweikert Sub (VRS 2?) [Sound was upgrade from Paradyme Servo 15 in this room].

Watch MOVIES 99% of units time, but always buy musical euipment that will be equally good for AV (no skimping).

Not sure on certer yet - can't afford Tyler and TY has worked with me, but still can't swing it. Oherwise, I recommend.

If any interest in Solioquy we have and entire 5 channel Soliloqy system that is negotiable, especially SAT5. OR AQ Cheetahs, but selling is not my purpose. Just advice.

I thanks you all in advance. Any advice is good and I value your time and thoughtfulness.

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Take a look at the various surround speakers made by M&K. I particularly like their tripole models, and they now have several models for less than $400. Here's the link to their web site:
Build some of the SEAS kits, with a cabinet you can be happy with. (click on kits)

If you don't get a similar speaker what is the point in having them? You might even find a center channel that will be suitable for your system. You don't have to lay a center channel on its side! 3 Tryms would finish your system pretty well for your 3 remaining speakers.

Can you solder and turn a screw?
You may want to consider the Snell SR.5 bipolar. I own a pair and have been very happy overall. They're in your price range new, look very good mounted on-wall, build quality is first-rate, and they sound great. Their tonal balance is fairly neutral, so they can blend very well with a variety of front speakers (they blend well with my Hales Revelation speakers up front esp. on movie soundtracks).

They will take plenty of power but are easy to drive (8-ohm nominal, 90dB sensitivity) if you wish to use a more modest amplifier. A bipolar speaker mounted on the wall behind your listening position will yield a more diffuse soundfield for immersive movie sound than a direct-radiating (monopole) design, but will still provide good imaging for "hard panning" sound effects. I find the Snells are a very good value and can hold their own in a high-quality system.
Thanks, still open minded.I'll check out kits. I am pretty good with DIY.
Anyone know anything about the Axiom that are heavily advertised on net?