need advice on attaching banana plug to cables

This question probably seems pretty lame but since I have searched the forum unsucessfully for an explanation could I please get some learned input as to how this is done.

I bought a setof (8) Nakamichi locking banana plugs and some Canare Star Quad bulk cable with the intention of setting up a biwired "shotgun" arrangement. These bananas have two set screws which evidently get backed out, then after threading the conductor through the back end, drawn back down to secure the cable in place.

But how does one go about making a good connection? Surely it is not enough just to jam the bare wire end down to the bananas inner base before tightening these set screws? I see nothing to crimp or solder the wire to on the inside of the banana plug.

Some help on this would be greatly appreciated.
YOu may want to use crimp sleeves (WBT is one manufacturer). Slip the sleeve over the bare wire, crimp it down HARD, then tighten the set screws to the crimped sleeve.
crimp sleeve should work just ok.
but honestly, if you are using crimp sleeve,
you might as well buy some low mass solder-type banana plugs instead. At least they are lower in mass, and you will be soldering directly onto it
With the locking bananas you have, you will need to crimp it onto a crimp sleeve than by a screw tighting down the sleeve. Signals are going through one more layer of different material. The locking banana plugs you have is not that good in quality. I don't think they are genuine Nakamichis either. Probably just some Taiwaness or Chinese immatation. A good soldering job should outperform the crimp-sleeve method.
Yeah, I suspect you are correct about these not being a genuine Nackamichi product. Probably best served by starting with a superior plug. Thats what i get for trying to take the low cost approach. Thanks for your input guys.