Need advice on amps to go with Grand Piano Home.

Need advice. I am very close to getting the new Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home and am wondering what will be the best solid state amp to partner the speakers with. My budget is up to $3,500 and I prefer a clean, transparent (not bright) and moderately powerful amp (preferably 120W and up) that will gel well with the GP's warm and smooth sound.
So far I've listened to the Classe CA 200, Bel Canto Evo 200.2, Bryston 4B-ST, Sunfire Grand, Anthem, Plinius and Electrocompaniet. Of those, I was impressed with the Classe's smoothness and Bel Canto's transparency. Unfortunately aside from the Electrocompaniet ECI 4 (can be faster) and Plinius (didn't like the lack of midrange) none of these amps were tested on the Sonus Faber speakers.

Are there solid-state users out there who have successfully paired the Grand Piano with the right amps. I don't plan to go with any tube-amps at this point.
try sonus faber musıca amp.
Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated amp. You can pick one up used for about 3,500. Sweet sound!
The Musical Fidelity A3cr pre and power combo would work wonderfully.
I would suggest upgrade to Grand Piano if your room is large enough to place Stainway -- nice "rig":)