Need advice on acoustic panels.

I have had a few Agonners over to listen to my system and the only criticism that has been offered was to add an acoustic panel on the right side of my system.

The left side is completely open and has no reflection issues. On the right side, I seem to be vulnerable to some reflection off of an adjacent wall. He explained how to use a mirror to determine placement of the panel, so I believe that I should be able to contain this reflection with the installation of a 2 foot by 4 foot acoustic panel.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good supplier of acoustical panels?
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There are quite a few suppliers around the internet.

Thanks Frank. I will check them out.
I have found that Michael Green's corner toons work very well and are unobtrusive and inexpensive, as are the rest of his treatments. I have his basic package and it works quite well. You can use as much of it as you need.
Dear Mattzack2: An acoustic panel has at least two important targets: to fix or lowering acoustic problems and doing that try to lose the less in the frequency range where there are no problems.

With this in mid I think that the Skyline by RPG has the best answer, I'm trying it and are great room treatment devices thorugh its diffusion function.

Regards and enjoy the music,
You may also want to take a look at Auralex diffusers and absorbers ( They offer some very good products for taming acoustic problems such as the one you described. As an added bonus, they also offer a free Personalized Room Analysis Form ( I've used many of their products over the years and have no complaints about their performance.
After looking at your system page I'm thinking price is not your main consideration. But if it is, look at this ebay seller ATS. I have not purchased from them. Still thinking about it. I use the Auralex products mentioned above with good results.
Acoustimac has some nice stuff, even DIY supplies if you want to make your own.
Call echobusters-great guy-great product. Totally made my speakers disappear.
Absorption Diffusion confusion reins in many of the comments. You don't tame reflections by using diffusion, you just scatter it around. Mattzack comments that with one side of the room open, reflections disappear on that side. So, his goal is to 'open' the other side. That can only be done by using total absorption. The little absorption that diffusers do is not enough to tame the problem. All the firms mentioned make good products, but some are better values and have higher SAF. DIY always gets into trouble with the SAF. So, first ask each of the vendors exactly what the NRC coefficient of their absorbers are. You will be surprised how many will not tell you, claiming it is not a fair measure since it only tells you what is being measured below 2K hertz. Still, it is a starting point.

Thank you so much again.
I bought some Auralex and some miscellaneous foam from a studio artist named Tony who told me he does some work for Oprah. He had a really nice studio and let me sit in the sweet spot at his console. I found it interesting that I have been designing my optimum seating area to be a 7 foot wide couch that sits about 8 feet from the speakers. His sweet spot was maybe 4-5 feet from his monitors and aimed at his control seat in front of his control center.

And the amount of foam he had all over his studio was really amazing. It was a very interesting meeting.

I bought about 40 sf of various foam panels. As soon as I came home, I placed about 16 sf of various squares and rectangles in my suspected problem area. It definitely changed my sound instantly. My wife and I listened to a bunch of tunes for about 3 hours. The clarity was very much improved and the blackness seems blacker than ever before. The positioning of everything is also positioned more distinctly.

I have fallen even deeper into the music with the addition of this foam, even though I just guessed at how to position it. I will experiment later on with different positioning of all 40 sf, but for tonight I am just going to mellow out and enjoy the music.

I really appreciate all the advice.