Need advice on a tone arm for a Dais

I am looking to replace my RB300 (second arm) on a Nottingham Dais.

I am running a Denon103r on the original Anna arm and a Grado sig on the Rega.

I was thinking to switch the 103r to the new arm and was leaning towards a SME 3012.

The Grado is also due for a change and that would be the second question based on the Anna arm or the new unknown arm what would be a good match for the Dais.

I am keeping the Denon.

Lastly I am a bit confused regarding Load Z and the Load Cap pf. on the Denon.

I have a Steelhead and have been trying different settings but I cannot hear the slightest difference when adjusting the Cap pf settings (may be age related)

I have the Load Z at 100 (I believe this is correct for the Denon) but what do I set the cap pf at?