Need advice on a pair of bookshelf speakers

Hi there
Does anyone have any thoughts on which bookshelf speaker would be the best for my situation?
I am using a el-34 tube integrated, listen to mainly vinyl(jazz, rock,etc) and have a medium sized room.
I have been looking at the Epos M12i, Von Schweikert Vr1 and the Neat Motive 3.
Any consensus on which is the best out of those three?
Had my heart set on the Harbeth PS3er but don't wanna go much over a grand so need a stepping stone for now.
I can't help with your comparison of the three speakers you mention, I've heard only the VR1. A good fourth option if you could find a pair would be any of the small Proac monitors. It might be easiest to locate one of the Tablette series but I had a pair of Response 1S that were one of my favorite speakers and should be in your price range.
Patience and a little luck might get you a pair of Harbeth PS3er for not too much more than 1 grand.

When you say bookshelf speaker, are you actually wanting to put it in a bookshelf or against the wall? If so, you will want a sealed or front-ported speaker.

And how low do you want/need these speakers to go? Any sub augmentation or no?
Used Triangle Comete's could save you a bunch of money and they actually will work well on a bookshelf. Perfect for your tube amp too.
Get yourself a pair of Spendor 3/5's they will fit the bill.I had a pair of Harbeth PS3ER'S and went back to Spendor,the Harbeth's are bright compared to Spendors.And they go great with el34 tube amps.