Need advice on 2 Amplifiers

I have narrowed my search to two amps, the AYRE V-5XE and the BAT VK-250. They both are balanced, have excellent build quality and customer service. They both seem have the same design philosophy. I am building my system again from scratch. Speakers that I am interested in are the Sonus Faber Auditor and the Harbeth 7. Any help would be appreciated
I don't think you can make a bad choice w/either of these amps. Had the V-5x but not e, but also had the V-1xe. Currently have the VK-200, so not the same as 250.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ayre lineup but wanted to try BAT, as they were always on my short list. I'm Jonesing to try one of their bigger amps.
Thanks for the reply Driver , what sonic differences did you find with these amps?
I sold the big Ayre a year ago this month & the V-5x in Sept '04, so my comments are more trying to remember than recalling my latest listening session.

The V-5x & V-1x were similar but not identical and I can only guess this is due to the differences in the power supply. The V-5x has a very quiet iron core tranny (vs. toroid in V-1x & VK-200) & still has plenty of power, soundstage & all those other superlatives. Where the V-1x dominates is in the midrange while also providing tremendous power & control. I attribute that to the doubling of the power output devices per channel over the V-5x. I've felt for yrs the V-5x is a "sleeper" of sorts & wouldn't hesitate to have another V-5xe. I say that as I imagine the improvements I heard after having the V-1x made into an 'e' would be similar in the V-5x.

I like the BAT for its presentation, which I would put in the musical vs. analytical camp. Nice imaging, soundstage, etc. I suppose the two amps are similar in sound-it would be fun to do an A/B with them.

Again, I could go with either of these amps & it's just a matter of personal preference & how they sound to you. Both companies are top notch & I've been to both facilities & have had excellent dealings at both.

Thanks for your advise i will check out both