Need advice: Integrated amp for BW 804s

I've thrown in the towel and am giving up on home theater due to serious space and neighbor considerations. I own a pair of BW Nautilus 804s and I'm looking for a good integrated to drive these. I listen to baroque music and opera 99.9%. I am considering the Krell KAV-300iL or KAV-500I. Can anyone either weigh in on which of these Krells are a better match or suggest another integrated. I figure if I have to go back to 2-channel, it had better be a GREAT 2 channel. Thank you
The Plinius 8150 would also be an excellent choice. I have heard B&W with Krell, Mark Levinson, Rotel, McIntosh, and Plinius integrateds, and the Plinius was decidedly the winner on all counts. Hope this helps!
I have heard that the Plinius is a good match with B&W speakers; would recommend that you also audition the Jeff Rowland Concentra II. I am currently using this combination for precisely the same reason you give; no longer trying the Home Theater since I seldom watch movies. The Concentra really opened up my 804N's. Just a thought, Charlie
I had a Krell KSA100 with my B&W N804s but found that McIntosh amplification complimented them much better - tamed the highs and opened the soundstage. Therefore, I would recommend McIntosh hands down. Look at the MA6500. There are many posts in the archives about how wonderful this integrated is and I think a few people even have B&W speakers with it. Plinius is a similar sound so I can see how it would work well too. You should also consider Classe CAP151. It too has a rich sound with excellent emotion for opera. Good luck!
I use a Musical Fidelity A-300 with my N 804's and am perfectly happy with what I hear. You may want to give that or, perhaps, the new MF model a listen.

One caveat - aside from listening to them at the dealer with more expensive Krell/McIntosh equipment (both which sounded fine), I've not listened to them at home with anything else so can't compare to any of the other suggestions.
I would suggest the Plinius 8200 or the Sim Audio I-5. I had both with the nautilus 805s and I found them both to be MUCH better than Krell. Krell KAV stuff just is not as good as their higher end stuff, stay away from Krell at the lower end.
I owned the KAV 300iL and found it to be very bright sounding. The Pathos Logos IMO destroys it in every aspect of sound quality. Best integrated I have heard to date.
I'll second the Concentra or MF A-300, not Krell. Especially for the type of music you like.