Need advice- installing expensive Atmos system in Florida

I am converting a large room into an occasional use home theater.  I live in Florida so home is CB.  The room is huge, but open in the back to the kitchen/breakfast nook/hallways.  The room overlooks the lake with 18' of glass sliders, maybe 4' on each side of the window...that is the front of the room.  I have an electric screen that couples as a sunblock when we are at work, and a screen for weekend movies.  The ceilings are 16'.  The side walls extend 25' back on one side to the breakfast nook (which is probably where I will locate the backs of the seats.  The other side wall extends straight back into the kitchen.  The living room is separated from the kitchen by an island and at the top of the island along the ceiling between pillars/supports for the upstairs bedroom, is 1.5 foot horizontal panel that includes the vents that blow the A/C toward the screen.  Until I paid off the house I have been scraping by with a Polk 5.1 soundbar moub=nted above the screen- not so hot.  I have just purchased an LG laser projector off of ebay which is a steal and I am ready to go with a high grade Atmos system.  I had Klipsch Forte's for many years as a young man.  Crutchfield offers a top notch Atmos speaker system and the Atmos speakers are embedded in the front towers so I do not have to drill any holes.  (I live out in the boonies so the installer is me myself and I.  I do not expect to pay retail from Crutchfield as I am a master at ebay and I am patient.  THE BIG QUESTION IS ARE THESE HORN TWEETERS TOO MUCH FOR MY LIVELY ACOUSTICAL ENVIRONMENT?
I have drywall over concrete block walls, tile floors....I will buy an area rug.  I cannot hire an acoustical specialist. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE......The funny thing is that people spend a lot on speakers, and how often do they return them because they do not like the sound?
You mean an 11.2 Dolby Atmos Klipsch setup? Is that really what you want? So many speakers. Yeah, I think it will be okay for movies but might be too much without room treatments.
Feel free to propose another choice of speaker.  I expect room treatment will be required in some form.  I just like the fact that the upward firing Atmos speakers are in the top of the front speakers so they will not require separate mounting into the wall or ceilings.  I can upload photos of the room if you wish.
Of course the receiver will allow switching to simple old fashioned stereo for regular music.
Maybe i just like Klipsch- I can get the system for about 30% off.