Need Advice / Inexpensive 100W Amp

Looking for an amp for college bound daughter. $300 to $500 used.Used with floor standing ADS speakers. {Adcom, NAD, Rotel???]
The Rotel 980BX is an excellent 120Wx2 amp. They regularly go used for $275-350. They are clean sounding and well balanced with a slightly forward sound that should be apprecited by college students (they love to blast it). I have one running my Jean Marie Reynaud Twins mkII and it is definelty more power than I will ever need (although I'm going tube), and I still listen to very hard rock and alternative. If you want to save her some room, look at Rotels integrateds.
The Parasound HCA-1000 (or 1000a) is extremely well built and performs extremely well in that price range.
I would have to second the HCA-1000 - a very good amp at this price point.