Need advice, good budget Integrated and CD player

Hi Everyone. I have recetly saved afriend from buying a bose stereo and he is now looking for a budget integrated amp and a cd player. He will be using them to power Paradigm studio bookshelves. A Small active sub will also be added to round out the bottom end.
Any good ideas?
Budget is around $1000-1500us and new or used does not matter. Due to his price range, I would like to get used gear for the best "bag for his buck".

I think, for new stuff, we will start looking at cambridge audio....I am not really sure, and hence I put the Question to you.
I have had good results with my Audio Aero Prima Integrated. It has a tubed pre section coupled with a mosfet amplfier . They are $600 - $700 used . I have heard a few other integrateds (well respected) costing much more that did not sound as good, all on the same speakers .
Synergy is quite important though . YMMV
Rotel, Creek, and NAD offer excellent value for the beginner/budding audiophile, or for anyone who appreciates quality sound. Your friend could easily pick up a matching pair of components (new or used) from any of these manufacturers, spend a few dollars on decent cables, and not bust his budget.

Good luck!
Hey everyone.
In classic fashion, in a play we all have lived out and thus know the ending to, after some consideration, my friend has decided to increase his budget.....!
We now have about 2000$ us to work with. I think hearing the better gear made him rethink the longer term ownership and upgradeability. I would like to ask now, in terms of what cd player and Integrated would be a good choice, not just now with his paradigm bookshelf's but also in the future when he wants to get some really good speakers. I think the emphasis should be on the integrated. Something that can drive some bigger speakers possibly down he road. He likes the ROKSAN gear so far and I think that would be a good integrated to start with, but I want to try more things out. t is very difficlt to hear these peices side by side so recommends weigh highly.
Any more ideas?
Portal Panache integrated amp, about $1,295 (demo from portal audio) and $900 (used). Arcam CD73, $699 (new) and $350 and up (used). It's also upgradeable.
The Decision has been marrowed down to either......

1) Classe cap151 and a shanling s100 mark II or
2)Roksan caspian integrated and player.

Any last ideas between the two?

Thank everyone!