Need advice from the pros

I've recently "upgraded" my system with a Klipsch RC-3II center speaker. I have a Yamaha RX-V392 (70 watts per channel) and Klipsch KSF 10.5 floor standing speakers. The sound is great, but I think I can do a little better. I would like to next upgrade my receiver (it took me a year to convince my wife to let me get a center channel speaker!) but I'm not an audiophile like some of you. Here are my questions: Should I stick with a receiver or get an amp/preamp combob? What is the opinion on the Yamaha RXV 795? When I installed my center speaker, there were some brass clips connecting the negative terminals to each other and the same for the positive terminals. What are these for (don't laugh, this is my DUH question)? What is the best amp/receiver I can get for $750 or less?

As I have a large Klipsch collection thought I would reply and offer you some help. I'm not familiar with the specifics of the Yamaha you have, but the Klipsch speakers you have are very efficient and therefore 70 watts per channel is plenty of power. A big question for you that you didn't address is whether you use your system primarily for music or HT. I'm assuming music. If that's the case then I would recommend going the amp/preamp route. I put together a nice Rotel seperates system just for music and it's clearly superior to my Denon 3802 for music. Now if I'm wrong and it's HT you use more often, then a receiver is perhaps a better route. Seperates for HT can get pricey. It would be helpful if you would provide exactly what it is that you are trying to add/gain/improve with a new receiver or amp/preamp. Folks could give you better advice with that.

The brass bands you refer to on the RC-3 are there because Klipsch speakers can be bi-wired. Basically means you run two sets of speaker cable to the speaker. One set for the Low Frequency and one set for the High. If you don't bi-wire, then you retain the bands so that both LF and HF are fed the same signal from your single set of wires.

As for the $750 question with your Klipsch I'd take a look at the Denon 2803, Harmon Kardon's, Onkyo/Integra line.

I'm a knucklehead! When I purchased my center speaker, I assumed that it would really enhance my musical CDs. Well, I've found out that center speakers are primarily used for DVDs, not musical CDs. I've wired my Klipsch center speaker to the B channel in the receiver (I'm not using the brass clips) and it doesn't seem like the speaker is putting out the sound it's capable of. Can anyone suggest what I can do? The receiver I have only has on terminal for a center speaker and the Klipsch center speaker has two terminals. Thanks for the help!
Put the bands back on the RC-3. Plug your center speaker cable into the center channel outputs on your receiver. Then plug the other end of your speaker cable into the speakers inputs labeled LF.