Need advice from Exact Power owners

I recently got an Exact Power EP15A. It has taken my system (audio only) to such new heights that now I ask myself: How much does the Exact Power SP15A Balanced Power-unit add to the pleasure? Can those who own both units, and have tried them seperately as well as together, tell me whether it makes another noticable difference to add the SP15A?
I have tried the EP15A alone and the SP15A powered by the EP15A. IMO, the EP15A made the most dramatic improvements -- quieter background, more detail, way more bass articulation, and a better soundstage.

Adding the SP15A did improve detail slightly, also with a bit more airiness on the high end. The difference with the SP15A is not dramatic, but I find myself enjoying it more. Don't run power amps through the SP15A, though...I tried it contrary the owner's manual suggestion, and it does seem to degrade the performance, so I went back to preamp/CD into the SP15A and power amps into the EP15A.

When the SP15A first came out, it was a special deal for $400-500 if you purchased it with an EP15A. Now that it is $900, I'm not sure if the improvement justifies the price.

Anyway, I think you get a 30-day trial from most places, so give it a try.
HI I have the EP15A and love it. I used the SP15A with the EP15A for awhile and never really cared for it much?? I had my CDP and Martin Logan speakers plugged into it. I think it did help maybe some but wasn't worth the extra $$ in my opinion. I sold it and spent the $$ elsewhere that made a more noticeable difference.
To me the biggest improvement was with the EP15A.
I have done some upgrades to mine on my own which has brought it up even more to another level then before.
Regards Brian