need advice for turntable footers

thinking of getting stillpoints with the risers for my rega 2. anyone familiar with this product? thanks.
Yes, the Still Point feet are standard equipt with the TW Acustic Raven tables.
If you try them, once you level your shelf and Rega leave some play in the Still point feet, don't tighten them.

With a bit of play left in them, they are more effective this way.

For quick easy install, level the turntables shelf or platform first, then install the turntable and check for level again.

Also you could try Finite Elemente also VERY effective.
Consider Machina Dynamica Promethean Springs. I use them under my amp and CD player. Should be awesome under a Rega TT- and a lot cheaper. FYI I has SP/Rs under ALL my equipment before switching to Herbies isocup/balls and Promethean Springs