Need advice for russian reissue of tunsol 6550

Hello to all,

I already have a good idea of which are best after reading the VTV magazine dedicated to KT88/6550 valves(a great issue).

My request here is to get opinions on the sonic qualities of the Tungsol 6550 russian reissue.

Can't find any decent review/feedback,how do they compare to the original Tungsol NOS production?

Or even to the JJ KT88 which are top on the VTV list for new production besting even NOS valves when use for home audio.

I maybe getting a rogue 88 amp and would like to make the right decision on a tube quad purchase.

Thxs for any infos you can provide.

The SED reissues are very nice tubes. They're a bit more "open" sounding then the originals, but they also lack some of the authority of the original 6550. Overall, for ~$60/pr, they are a great value.
The new Tungsols are made by New Sensor/Sovtek, not SED. It's a bit confusing, but Sevetlana was bought by New Sensor who now has the rights to the name. SED is what used to be Svetlana. The new Tungsols are supposed to be close recreations of the original 6550s (though I didn't see the triple getters) and not rebranded Sovtek KT88/6550s.

I too would like to see more reviews of the new Tungsols. According to guitar and bass players, they're excellent. There are also a few opinions on that seem pretty positive. From what I understand, they are not quite the same as the originals, but sound very good anyway. I'm saving up for a quartet.

SED (aka "Winged C") 6550s and 6L6s are considered by many to be some of the the best available current production tubes. If you can, give them a try too, as listening is always better than reading about someone else's opinion.

Good luck,

Thxs guys,

I guess I can be positive that it is a good tube just not what the originals were which is not too surprising.

I will figure out what to get the JJ KT88 is considered best for home audio but not for guitar amps,Wonder how Tungsol and JJ would compare.

If you guys want I can try to email copies of the VTV magazine tests forKT88/6550 valves.

One test was done with home audio amps.
The other with guitar amps.

Very thorough reviews done by 6,7 reviewers in same room.

thxs again and let me know.