Need Advice for LCRs - Budget $500-$1000

Helping my brother out with his basement build. He gave me a budget to complete his audio and video. I need some advice on his front soundstage with picking some good LCRs. I usually post over on AVS, but most reply there with the same ID speaker choices such as Ascend and HTD. Which i own some Ascends and like, but also have some older Triads that are even better.I would like some advise on some older/used models to capture more bang for the buck unless ID is the way to go.

Room is 14x20, 8' ceilings and is open in the back to a bar area. 80% TV/Sports and only 20% movies. No music. Not trying to get reference volumes, but again would like to be able to turn it up once in awhile. Will purchase a base avr such as Pioneer 1122 or similar. (Suggestions open $300-$400)

What do you suggest for his front LCRs with budget under $1000 preferably, aesthetics not an issue as they are going behind an AT screen.

Sub for now will be an SVS 20-39 and I might have are located some onwall Triad surrounds for him.

Keep your eye out for Triads that will work. I also noticed 2 listings on ebay for M&K speakers. It's just what you are looking for L-R-C at $800 used for 100b set or $850 for 750THX set new.
Not to be too blunt but for 80% TV/Sports, 20% movies and 0% music listening, driven by a bottom of line AVR, not sure it matters much. That said, NHT Superzeros have been re-issued; or the small Paradigms or PSBs. They each have a matching center.
Ill check out those M&K, but will they need more power? I might move up on a better AVR or get one with per-outs for future. I know speakers do not change as much as electronics, so I thought getting some good LCRs and a decent t sub was a good place to start.

Any other suggestions?
The center speaker, as usual, will likely be the most important of the three so I'd try to get the best one possible. For $375 I think the Paradigm Monitor 7 Center 1 could be a very good choice, and you can pair it with the Mini Monitors and still be under $1000. I suppose you might get away with the Atoms and save a couple hundred bucks if you really have to, but I wouldn't.

As for the receiver, at this level I wouldn't sweat it too much -- just make sure you get the features and connectivity he needs (both now and for the future as much as possible). I'd recommend getting a model with room/speaker correction if at all possible. I like Pioneer and Onkyo, although I do see reports of people having issues with Onkyos from time to time.

Hope this helps, and best of luck.
Check this ad out- No relation. Just add an NHT center and a sub and you are good to go well w/in your budget.
No relation to seller, but I will tell you that I have used a full NHT set up like this for years in 2 HTs and they do just fine for music as well as TV, sports, and movies.